Purpose and Regeneration: Keys to the New Story

The Regenerative Possibilities of Purpose:

Build Invisible Infrastructures for Birthing Humanity’s New Story

Connecting to higher purpose, a linchpin of regeneration, encompasses both definitions of regenerative: “To regenerate is to ‘create anew, give new life, new energy, to revitalize’. In a spiritual sense, it means to undergo a conversion or rebirth.”

Stone circle mandala grounds the new, emerging story of Regeneration + Purpose.
Stone circle mandala grounds the new, emerging story of Regeneration + Purpose.

For me, taking responsibility wasn’t the problem. If anything, I take too much responsibility for things that aren’t mine. For example, “First, do no harm,” although meant for doctors, has been one of my guiding principles. Yet in our culture, great harm has been done, and continues to be, on many levels. We are all complicit in this harm, just by being living members of society.

In everyday life, as well-intentioned and sustainable as I tried to be, (recycling, subscribing to a community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm, composting, biking or walking where possible), it still seemed puny. “Sustainable” is the commonly-assumed concept, yet it’s inadequate to the challenges we face. We need an upleveled understanding. Our world calls us forth, calls forth regeneration.

On another level, through a Qi Gong practice, I began consciously connecting with the Qi Field, a field of shared consciousness, intent, and life force energy. In service to this greater perspective of “wholeness” and interconnectivity of all life, it felt like a much more regenerative place, albeit working at an invisible energetic level.

Weaving these together, a mantra emerged. I regularly share it with clients and on teams: “Both-And.” It encompasses doing the most you can to leave the planet a better place, as best you can, in the outer world. At the same time, it invites a conscious cultivation of energy and pure intent for wholeness in service to all life thriving. Both are needed. While neither one alone is sufficient, I realized that even together, something was still missing.

Fire and water, air and earth: All are needed, working together in synchronicity for the good of the greater whole.

Sunset crossing the Mississippi River by train to Fort Madison, IA
Sunset crossing the Mississippi River by train to Fort Madison, IA


Purpose Enlivens and Completes Both-And

The missing link that uplevels and reweaves new synergies is the concept of “living your higher purpose,” or, as it’s phrased in the subtitle to Tim Kelley’s bestseller, True Purpose, “…Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make.”

Since 2011, I’ve volunteered on collaborating co-creative teams behind-the-scenes at the True Purpose® Institute, the organization founded by Tim Kelley to share this body of purpose work. Starting in 2011, the organization started developing a collaborative ownership structure while co-creative teams worked on marketing and developing new courses.

Reorganizing into co-creative collaboration created the business anew after several years of a more traditional hierarchical structure. Now its presence in the world manifests purposeful, new paradigm practices.

In this, the organization takes on the qualities of a living organism. It’s growing through interconnections and symbiosis while periodically updating its purpose statements in partnership with the greater True Purpose® community. As it lives into the definition of regenerate, to ‘create anew, give new life, new energy, to revitalize,’ it embodies high purposeful expression.

Beyond that, at the heart of this True Purpose® process, is training people to consciously connect in with their own source of guidance. From someplace within or outside them, depending on the individual’s belief system, they tap into the invisible realms of either the psyche or the spiritual world.

Experimentally holding the possibility that something — universal or personal, inside or greater-than-you — knows your purpose and can tell you, is a hallmark of the True Purpose® process. It can be a personal or psychological inner part of you, for example, your soul. It can be a universal source that knows the purpose of us all. (e.g., God, Buddha, Universe) Or it can be outside and particular to you, like your guardian angel or wise ancestors.

Thousands of people over the past decade have used this process and connected with a source of guidance that knows their purpose. Making such a connection and being able to find and live “why you are here,” can be experienced as akin to “undergo[ing] a conversion or rebirth,” the spiritual frame of regeneration.


From here, what more is possible?

What if you were able to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are, we all are, profound healers on some level? That you came here for a higher purpose? That you can actually discover and live it? (Not everyone chooses to, of course!)

This path of higher purpose invites you to tune in energetically to realms of wisdom, including apprenticing to wisdom that you have a unique access to. It invites you to bring this wisdom whole and complete into practical partnerships of regenerative co-creation.

Purpose can generate powerful and practical results. Beyond today’s results, the True Purpose® process outlines a proven way to continually and ongoingly uplevel and regenerate ourselves and our businesses, relationships, organizations, and messages.

It is our sacred opportunity to bring body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul, into regenerative and conscious dialogue with profound wisdom from a source of guidance we trust. Purpose, approached in this way, magnifies interconnections and regenerates all life. It supports all weavers of the energy threads between the Qi Field and your own garden, business, and life.


I’m curious. What is your regenerative go-to when it’s time to replenish your body, mind, and spirit? Where do you go to regenerate your work, your world?


Tim Kelley, founder and leader, initiated a collaboratively co-created enterprise for the True Purpose® Institute in 2011 after several years of a more traditional business structure. (More details about the Institute at http://TruePurposeInstitute.com). In a major shift from the Founder-Leader-Owner-led hierarchical model, he assembled an “owner team.” The team works together using the process of a “Collaborative Operating System,” (more details about this specific methodology at http://thecos.com). They also use Tim’s methodology called True Purpose® to build an organization that lives into its own highest (and evolving) purpose. Tim, meanwhile, is called beyond the company he founded, to support large organizations, systems, and countries to find the higher purpose of these institutions. (Details about Tim Kelley here: http://newparadigmgloballeader.com)




Bobbye Middendorf, Poet of Pure Potentiality, is your visionary (yet grounded) guide, a combination sounding-board and wordsmith.
Bobbye Middendorf, Poet of Pure Potentiality, is your visionary (yet grounded) guide, a combination sounding-board and wordsmith.

About Bobbye Middendorf

She’s ambassadress of #SpiritIntoForm, co-creating with Love, Spirit, Purpose, & Guidance to bring #LoveIntoForm with words, images, & purposeful projects. A lifelong conscious collaborator, Bobbye has volunteered as collaborative partner with the True Purpose® Institute since 2011 and is training as a True Purpose® coach.

Healing and co-creating along the Purpose path, she’s mentor, sounding board, and collaborator with Regenerators, those ready to wake up, show up, and follow through on the guidance they’re receiving for co-creating a world that works for all life.

She guides her divine audience to “shine your light in words with purpose.” She leads them to master the art of life & livelihood by nourishing the creative soul & reconnecting with the sacred flow.

Read more at http://www.writesynergies.com, and connect with Bobbye at Write Synergies Circle.



Your Young Genius Calls In Your Divine Audience

Has your young genius been lost somewhere along the way?

As this Equinox season unfolds, I invite you to inquire into your own young inner genius, her health, her presence in your life, how she showed up then, and how to invite her back to play, and in particular to enrich the entire fabric of your Great Work that is emerging, that is being called forth from within you.


The following challenge, started earlier in the summer, has continued to tickle my fancy behind the scenes as multiple dimensions and deep levels of change are currently playing out for me.

With acknowledgements to Jeffrey Davis of Tracking Wonder for this summertime #DareToExcel Challenge. This is #3 for #Daredevils and other conscious co-creators.

Take a few minutes to remember a time when you were nine – or around that age – when you felt free to be your best.

Feel an exact moment in time and place. Are you outdoors or indoors? How does the air feel? How do you feel in your body? What are you uniquely doing or making? Who are you with and how are you uniquely relating to others?

Looking back with full compassion toward yourself, what 1-3 adjectives would you use to describe your younger self at her or his best?

These are your 3 Young Genius Qualities.

How can you bring some of those young genius qualities forward to this project?

Share: Post written reflections or the three young genius qualities you commit to bring forward.


So what are my three young genius qualities?

Curiosity. Observing/Listening. Dreaming.

An only child, often left to my own devices, summer was for dreaming and reading, drawing, listening into the stream of imaginary friends who stepped out of the pages of books, magic, daring. Imagining myself as Nancy Drew during languid summers, reading, imagining, dreaming, reading some more. Observing the fireflies and butterflies. Tasting sweet concord grapes, stretched out in the grass made crisp by the summer sunshine. Listening to the crickets and then crackling campfires. Walking in the dark under the stars, hours with markers, and once at a dude ranch — Horses! (That one ultimately didn’t go as I dreamed…but I did learn about cleaning a cast iron skillet with sand on our breakfast trail ride.)

And in partnership with that magical genius child, her shadowy wounded child plays around the edges. Still. She holds loss and grief that was too much to bear then, and now, in a powerful time of change, it’s all being offered up for clearing. Love and loss and grief — all reminders of how it once was and how it all changed so suddenly.

What are your young genius qualities?

If you’re someone with curiosity rarely sated, who deeply appreciates the gifts of listening/observing, who still has a dream percolating inside, let’s see if we are growing in a garden together. (You probably also have a passion for words, images, healing/wholeness, following a spiritual path, and are deeply engaged with purpose.)

I am called to focus on the wise women, women who ardently yearn for a secret weapon to see them through Kali’s fire, the chaos of their reinvention, and onto the other side.

Especially if you are a woman in the third act, you find dreams now impossible to ignore. You need your inner partners, the inner genius child and the wounded one, as well as your connection to a source (or sources) of guidance.  And outer collaborators are helpful, if you are ready to take a stand for your new and evolving, highly purposeful, change-the-world body of work (even and especially if it’s not yet fully formed).

As thought partner and sounding board for women in the third act, like you, I hold the space and help you recognize yourself as purposeful change agent, sage-hearted messenger, co-creator of a new paradigm world, and conscious collaborator with the emerging future. You’re ready for connecting in with guidance in real-time and within collaborative co-creative new paradigm spaces.

Harvest Season

At the Equinox, and with the upcoming Harvest Full Moon, (and a lunar eclipse!) big things are shaking loose on so many levels. Have you been feeling these shifts?

You know now is the time to harvest your wisdom. It’s the season for the blueprint of your Great Work to emerge. You are in a place of creative ferment, and clarity seems just out of reach. Articulating the pre-verbal birthing of your new program or book or body of work, you seek the sacred emergent words — words you didn’t even know you knew — and a way to organize and package those gifts and brilliance.

From there, what if you could discover a sacred space, listening for the whispers of your Divine Audience just waiting to be called forth into YOUR circle? Your soul tribe is ready to connect and celebrate the birth of your revelatory manifestation and body of work.

Your young inner genius has much to contribute to your body of work. When you consciously partner with your young genius, listen to the wisdom from your wounded one, and tap into real-time, practical source(s) of guidance, you are poised for making the biggest difference. YOU matter. Your divine audience is waiting for you! Your Emerging Future beckons!

Welcome, young genius! Welcome, wise woman! Remember that all parts serve, so let’s have a co-creation party!


Vision Clarity

If “Be the change” really resonates with you…

and yet you wonder what that change might look like as we co-create a world that  works for everyone, then you are invited to give your change-maker muscles a workout.

My colleague, founder of the True Purpose Institute, Tim Kelley,  will be sharing his proven vision-clarity process for the first time to a group. It’s all about bringing change-makers and collaborators (like us) into a position to truly “Be the change” we are called to be and create the new paradigms that our society is calling for.  I hope you are able to be my guest on the call. (Or, if you can’t join live, please go ahead and sign up, and you will get the recording.)

It seems especially timely for the state our world is in. We are being called to our highest expression — together!


Because, you see, creating a new vision is a radical act ….

of change agents and change makers. It is far easier to complain about the old paradigm than to create a new one. What currently exists has served to bring us to this point, and it must continue to operate until the new paradigm is sufficiently developed to perform all the necessary functions of society. Making current reality wrong hinders transformation. What is needed is a crystal clear, detailed picture of the transformed world you are working to create.


One of the leading visionaries in the business of transforming  business is my mentor and colleague, Tim Kelley, founder of The True Purpose Institute.  While vision is a best practice in organization development, it’s not always done well. Vision is also of critical importance to change  agents:

One of the key problems in how we are going about the process of changing the world is the lack of a clear vision of what that changed world will look like. Join us at the September Gathering call when we welcome back Tim Kelley to lead us in discussing this crucial topic.

Tim is an acclaimed speaker and author of True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make. He has inspired audiences worldwide with his message of hope and empowerment. Tim has helped many leaders clarify their vision, including international corporations like ING and individual leaders in business and government who are working to transform society. He has transformed entire organizations by working with their executive teams to bring passion and inspiration throughout the work force. Tim has never spoken to public groups before about this vision clarity process.  You won’t want to miss it!

Things you will learn:

  • The two different types of visions that are applicable to change agents and change-oriented organizations
  • Specific methods for creating powerful visions
  • Best practices for wording vision statements
  • What to do with vision statements (they usually just sit on a shelf and gather dust)

The things you will learn on this call will be applicable to your work on yourself as a change agent, your work with individual clients, and work you do with teams and organizations.  Even if you already do work professionally with vision statements, we guarantee that you will learn something new on this call!

Here are the details to sign up  to join our call:  http://Tinyurl.com/bjmTPIGathering


Just fill in your contact and email address in the fields on the right-hand side of the page. You will receive the call-in details as well as a post-call link to listen again, or if you can’t make the call live.


In shared vision for a world that works for everyone,


Bobbye Middendorf
Poet of Pure Potentiality
“Shine your light in words.”

P.S. I’ve been an active collaborator with teams that make up The True Purpose Institute for two years. This is a fresh and exciting process that Tim has only used within private client interactions.

P.P.S.  This call series does not have a cost attached, although there is a way to “pay it forward,” if you choose.  If you use the link included in this email, and choose later to purchase a course or training from The True Purpose Institute, I may receive a small thank-you referral  fee.

Your Values: The Key to Living with Power and Purpose

Knowing and living your values is a foundational step if you are a messenger, visionary, thought-leader, and make-a-difference change-maker. Join a community of change agents at The Gathering to tap into the power and purpose of values.

Values work is potent. There’s great richness in going deeply into the foundational building blocks of values as part of the inner shift we are here to usher through in our work and with our clients. Working with values is the first step if you, like me, care deeply about making a significant difference in the lives of your clients, and so, by extension, inviting that big difference to show up in the world.

It’s most effective when values are shared, and so building community around values is one of the great challenges we face in co-creating a new society and the upgraded institutions needed to serve it.

I have been called into a hugely productive partnership and collaboration with The True Purpose Institute. Their “first Wednesday of the month” tele-seminar, called The Gathering, invites change makers in all arenas to come together to learn and strengthen the inner game that will make us more effective in the change we are here to support in the world.

This Wednesday, 5 June, is the call that focuses on Values.

It is part of the True Purpose Institute monthly “Gathering” calls, and is being offered in partnership with the Barrett Values Centre. I invite you to join us if you can. I urge you to sign up to receive the recording, even if you have a conflict with being on the call live.

Here’s a bit about the “inner requirement” for knowing and living your values as change makers.


When wielding great power, you must be guided by
clear principles that ensure your actions are in
alignment with your purpose. As Mahatma Gandhi
said, “The means are the ends in the making”!
How you go about creating transformation is every
bit as important as the transformation itself.
Moreover, the values you choose must be consistent
with the world you are creating. This ensures that
your actions will continually model and reinforce
the new paradigm (assuming your behavior aligns
with your values, of course!)

Below is the link to sign up to receive the call-in details about The Gathering calls. There is no charge for the call, though there is a place to “pay it forward” via a True Purpose Institute-affiliated nonprofit.

The Gathering for Change Makers offers a year+ of monthly, high-level change-agent and inner-game strengthening conversations and community calls.

Here’s the link to sign for to get the call details (and also get access to this call recording as well as past and future call recordings):



To sharing values in community!


Permission. Permission. Permission.

When we shape our pure intent to shift how things
are done in the world, it can push our buttons —
bringing up fears, limiting beliefs, and other issues
that make it a challenge to get our greatest work out there
into the world. Together, we can make a dent. It all comes down to Permission!




Greetings and Happy Spring!

It’s no joke that the big-vision shifts you want to make, the inner transformation you’ve been working on so diligently, are really the key to OUTER transformations as well. In fact, YOUR inner shifts are at the heart of shifting paradigms, making a difference, and creating a world that works for all.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve been refining the art, craft, and science of collaboration in partnership with the True Purpose Institute.

>If you are hungry for creative passion, for conscious business,

for synergies and synchronicities that make for bigger wins for everyone,

>if you thirst for a like-hearted community,

>then there’s a circle that yearns for your presence to create a greater whole.


It’s safe to step into a place where you can be nourished, where you can find help to support you on your journey.

The following invitation is a gift of shared wisdom and community from The True Purpose Institute, my community partner and collaborator. I’ve learned much and have had a chance to contribute to the change-the-paradigm work that is so called for these days.

There’s a no-cost monthly call this Wed. (4-3-13)

If you are intrigued, this is a hugely valuable series of free calls. (Plus, signing up gives you access to past and future programs.)   Here’s the invitation letter, below.  If you know of anyone else who is being called to help shape the new paradigm world that is emerging, it would be great for you to share this invitation…You — and they — can sign up at the linklisted below.http://Tinyurl.com/bjmTPIGathering


There is no cost to attend, and it’s an important connection for those who are called to make a difference in the world.


When we shape our pure intent to shift how things
are done in the world, it can push our buttons —
bringing up fears, limiting beliefs, and other issues
that make it a challenge to get our greatest work out there
into the world.

What is standing in the way of your great work? Who is keeping

the lid on the magnitude of your mission? Join me and my
collaborators at the True Purpose Institute in our monthly
Gathering to find out!
(Hint: Look in the mirror if you are wondering...)

Fears come up frequently when you take on the task of
transforming yourself — and with it, of transforming our
society and world. Fears are the natural self-defenses of a
healthy ego. Spiritual practice may reduce the power of fears,
but there is no substitute for working directly with them.

Like everything inherent in the old paradigm,
fears contain wisdom and gifts that are necessary
to create the new. Ignoring or overriding them can lead to
self-sabotage. Only when your ego perceives that its
safety and self-interest are best served by manifesting
your purpose are you free to have the impact you are
meant to have.

Absent the safety of this sense of “permission,” you may
find it difficult or impossible to communicate with your
trusted source (God, High Self, guides, Source, All-that-Is)
and discern the fine details of all aspects of your purpose. Even
armed with a detailed plan and great clarity of purpose, you may
find yourself resistant to taking bold action. Once attained,
this state of permission has a short half-life; as you up your
game and move forward, new fears and resistance are inevitable.
You must know how to regain permission when you have lost it,
over and over again.

Our next Gathering will be this Wednesday, April 3rd, at noon
Pacific Daylight Time.

My friend, mentor, and founder of the True Purpose Institute,
Tim Kelley, will be the guest expert this time!  He will
be presenting the latest developments in how to deal with the
fears and limiting beliefs that keep you from doing your part as
a global change agent.  Continually maintaining permission from
and alignment with the ego is a key factor in earning a living
making the change you’re meant to make.
(Tim has upgraded his ego permissions regularly
and tells great stories!)

You won’t want to miss our next call for the opportunity to
learn from Tim and your fellow Gathering participants —
all those who are bringing great work into the world.

In our April Gathering you will discover:
* How to identify and uncover the sometimes subtle fears that
hold you back
* Effective methods for gaining and keeping permission to
accomplish your great work
* A tribe of change-makers who are willing to support each other
in stepping into their highest self while honoring the gifts and
wisdom of our fears

To get the most out of your participation in the Gathering:
* If you haven’t yet, register for this and future Gathering
calls at:

* Invite a friend to join the community so that we can
support as many change agents as possible:

(Please copy and paste if it’s not a live link.)


Here are the details to join our call:

WHAT: The Gathering: A change agent community call
WHEN: Wednesday April  3rd
12-1:30 pm PDT, 3-4:30 pm EDT
2-3:30 pm Colombia
10-11:30 pm Israel summer time
7-8:30 pm GMT (not adjusted for Daylight Saving Time)
6-7:30 am (Thursday) Sydney

You’ll receive dialing information when you register:

Sharing the path of purpose with you,


P.S. Join our discussion on the community site and learn more
about April’s topic:
(copy and paste both lines if the link splits…)

P.P.S.  I am planning to be on the Gathering call. It would be
great to hear your voice and feel your energy and commitment
to make a difference in changing things up — and
co-creating a world that works for all.  You can sign up for this
no-cost call and gain access to the past learnings, at:

Summer Camp for World-Changers

If you feel something awakening and stirring
within you, it may be the Great Turning, a
global awakening, a spark of change longing
to ignite in your heart. In essence, you may
be feeling a call to something bigger, a call to
action in this changing world.

> What might that look like?
> Is this what you are called to explore?
> Are you a change agent? Or a change maker?

One of my mentors, Tim Kelley, founder of
The True Purposeâ„¢ Institute, offers some
guidelines and reflections so you can determine
if you’re a change agent. And if you are, what on
earth can you do about it?!

Catch Tim’s message on video at the link below:


(Copy and paste this into your browser if it’s
not a live link!)

It’s informative and short. Please have a look!

If you sign up at the link below, there will be future
videos and calls, going into much greater detail about
how you can become a powerful and successful
instrument of change.

If you’d like to continue with this
exploration of purposeful change — and also
to be eligible to participate in the complimentary
7-Day Purpose Challenge (starting on 7-28!)
you will need to register to receive the
notification details.

You can do that here:

In future videos, you’ll hear from other
successful change agents who are living
their purpose.  Watch for them!

With appreciation,
Bobbye Middendorf

P.S. I encourage you to explore possibilities
and feed your curiosity about global change in
this safe, private educational series, especially
if your inner call doesn’t make rational sense
right now.  And to get all the info, including
your invitation to the seven-day purpose challenge,
click below:


P.P.S.  As I mentioned, there is no cost to participate
in any of these activities.  The True Purpose™
Institute and I support each other’s efforts to
make a living as we work to change the world;
if you were to buy something from the True Purposeâ„¢
Institute later, I may receive a referral fee.

P.P.P.S. Why all this? Why now? What is
my connection?

I’ve been a member of the True Purposeâ„¢ community
since 2009. For the past year, I’ve been
collaborating more intensively — co-creating
strategy, executing plans, writing/revising
copy on marketing teams, contributing to social networking
engagement, and supporting the True Purposeâ„¢ Institute
in launching programs and courses. Oh, yes,
and growing my own capabilities
as leader and messenger for global change.

The work I’ve been doing within this community
has been life-altering — giving me the fortitude,
courage, and support personally to come out of
the closet and shine as the brightest and highest
expression of myself.

And THAT’s how we each do our
part in this global change project!
I hope that, if this calls to you, you
will come explore the territory with me!

Go here to join in:

Long Silence Broken; Launch ‘n Learn

Launch, Learn, & Clear Your Path to Abundance

Learning the ins and outs of online launches by being on the front lines…Well actually at the  keyboard. But wow–what an experience to put all the words together for all the emails, messages, sales page, registration page, autoresponders etc., etc.

I’ve been learning purposeful marketing-by-doing on a collaboratively operating team: It’s an eye-opening experience. I knew there were a lot of “moving parts” to a launch campaign, but I had NO IDEA!

We are sprinting the last few hurdles for a new course starting next week at the True Purpose (TM) Institute. It’s called Effortless Pricing: The Exchange of Love and Money.
You’ve asked where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, eager to see samples of what I’ve written lately.

Most recently it’s been an awesome time of collaboration with Tim Kelley and the team at the True Purpose(TM) Institute. Mentored by Tim in Purposeful Marketing, I’ve been partnering with them on writing the marketing messages for launching the latest course, Effortless Pricing: The Exchange of Love and Money.

The message below is an invitation that I had a hand in writing, giving you a flavor of the marketing writing I’m doing right now. I’ve jokingly called it “Launch ‘n Learn,” since we have been co-creating a full launch campaign for the upcoming class. I’m learning from a hands-on perspective just how many written parts go into a launch like this.

It’s been an experience both sobering and exciting — of living and breathing the details, project management, scheduling, writing, writing, writing, revising, publishing.

Actually the Effortless Pricing: The Exchange of Love and Money class starts this week. I’m enrolled to take the class too, because I sense that abundance is something that is part of my message to share. Why? Because it seems to be one of my biggest challenges.

So I’d like to invite you to join me in the first call of the class, Effortless Pricing: The Exchange of Love and Money. There is no cost to come to the first class. If you decide to participate in the full 6-week class, and you use the links below, I will receive a small referral fee. Obviously I believe in the course and its approach — since I signed up myself!

As I say,  I will be in the class myself. If you are too, then shoot me an email, and we can put together our own community mini-mastermind group for support through this journey to abundance and Effortless Pricing. (This is  my personal bonus to you for signing up through my affiliate link.)

Again, the following letter is one I had a hand in copywriting, so I wanted to share it as a sample of what I’m up to right now. If you feel called to explore this specific invitation, I look forward to connecting!

If now isn’t the time for you to delve into this specific issue, then many blessings to you on your journey. I’m sure we’ll reconnect soon!


Why Clients Don’t Want to Pay for Your Time

When selling services, charging by the hour (or day, week or
month) is the norm.  Have you ever wondered why?  If you stop and
think about it, your clients aren’t really seeking your time.
The time you spend with them is merely the means to an end.

In most situations, there are much better ways to exchange your
talents and gifts for money.  Ways that create better incentives
for you and your clients and don’t punish you for being skillful
and efficient.

If you earn money selling services that you deliver, make time
to join my friend and colleague, Tim Kelley on Tuesday 3-20-12
for an eye-opening exploration of how you charge for what you do.
He will do an in-depth examination of the time-for-money pricing
model and tour of some of the alternatives.  Put it in your
calendar now:

Go here for the details to join this call:

Tim is starting a brand new course on Tuesday and he’s inviting
you to attend the first class of Effortless Pricing: The Exchange
of Love and Money at no charge.

In the first call of the Effortless Pricing course, you’ll get
an overview of the limiting beliefs and fears that get in the way
of money flow. Then, as he puts dollars-for-hours pricing under a
microscope, you’ll learn when it’s effective (less often than
you’d think) and when using this model causes needless struggle
and competition (most of the time).

You’ll also discover OTHER ways of charging for your services,
some radically different than what you’ve encountered before —
all to be covered in great detail in the full Effortless Pricing:
The Exchange of Love and Money Teleseminar.

Because your purpose is as unique to you as your fingerprints,
there’s no proven formula or sure-fire step-by-step method that
you can you can shake from a can like magic dust to live your
purpose as your livelihood.

Yet if you are willing to spend some time focusing on it, you
can remove your inner blocks and learn the outer strategies to
earn what you deserve for the gifts and talents you offer your

See where you are stuck around money, and
you will also see the exact place you are
stuck in offering your transformational work.

The money blocks you experience are a crucial part of your path,
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Live Your Business Legacy

August’s “What Will Be Your Legacy Month” is a great reminder. Mostly when you hear people talk about “legacies,” it’s all about what’s left behind.  Certainly that’s worth pondering.

But I challenge you to take it up a notch. Realize that what you leave behind starts with your decisions right now, in the present moment. How about living your legacy?  With every word you write and speak, every choice you make, you can connect the decisions to the heart and soul of your deepest commitment and connection to the whole. Make the present moment your moment to, as Gandhi reminded us, “BE the change you wish to see in the world.”

As someone leading a business, you can make a conscious decision right now to make all your choices for the highest good of all concerned. You can even take it the next step to make your decisions that will benefit “all the children of all the species,” (a phrase I’ve embraced from architect and polymath William McDonogh) and for the greater good of Mother Earth herself.

Unfortunately too often what I see in business is a disconnect between what you want to leave behind and the in-your-face necessities of business. How many cut corners does it take for disaster to follow  — especially when the focus is purely on bottom line results?

You are sowing the seeds — right here and right now — of what you leave behind at some future date.  Every decision in the present moment has consequences through time. Is your business living the legacy that you intend? If it is, are you documenting the positive moves?

Maybe this month’s reminder to consider your legacy is a perfect opportunity to look at your personal purpose, why you are here on this planet at this tumultuous time.
*Is your deeply personal, greater soul purpose informing your business actions?
*Are you aligning your business and personal purpose so that you are making the difference in the world that you came here to make?
*Is your business fully reflecting the highest purpose of you, as the leader of your business?

Live your legacy every day in your business by making decisions based on your most heart-felt values!

It’s Not Bragging

If your family was anything like mine, bragging was discouraged. Do you remember being admonished not to brag? Not to be too full of yourself? And now here we are — many of us — entrepreneurs, soul-preneurs, professionals in private practice, the tribe of Conscious Creators, caregivers, healers, writers, authors, artists.

Everyone is being asked to market — not only products, services, but ourselves!  With the old family tapes running in the background, it’s not easy. How are you supposed to talk about yourself, your services, your projects, creations, ventures, and businesses without what sounds suspiciously like “bragging” — at least to those old critical deeply internalized voices?

And some of us are pushing the envelope even more: We are determined to stand fully in our power and presence, to finally shine our light full on. Now that’s something those internalized voices of yesteryear really perceive as over the top. It’s like an internal thermostat. Nope. Not THAT visible. “That’s even worse than bragging,” the internalized critic seems to say.

What to do? How do we work around the critic? How to come out with the work and be able to stand in our own power and possibility?

What if that inner critic is doing its best to  protect you? Based on the old programming, of course, but doing its best nevertheless. What if we could enter into a conversation with that inner critical voice? I can hear the guffaws already.

Here’s an excerpt of what I told Ronna Detrick over at her Renegade Conversations site. It’s all about an approach that befriends those troublesome inner voices.

In Ronna’s post, she wrote: “…far more about my deepest, age-old insecurities. They rear their ugly heads in times of fear. They are familiar. And I fight to keep them at bay.”

What I suggested is:  “What if you didn’t? Fight to keep them at bay? What if you were simply able to  be curious? What if you had a conversation with them? What if you sat with them and let them sit with you? What if you said, “Thank you. I’m curious. What are you trying to protect me from? You’ve done such an amazing job of protecting me. Can we talk about this?”

Open a dialogue. Put it on paper. Say thank you to the parts who are doing their best, perhaps based on old programs or instructions. And talk to them. Take your strength and your gift, (and yes, Ronna is amazing at nurturing deep conversations) turn it on that part of yourself that seems so troubling. Bring it into the conversational circle. Let it have its say.

Your protectors are there to protect you. You don’t have to squash them or get rid of them. You just have to talk to them, get them to work WITH you and your dreams and your purpose instead of against it. I know…it’s a lesson I have to keep learning over and over again. But it merits consideration I think.

This advice is inspired in part by the True Purpose and parts work of Tim Kelley and Jeffery Van Dyk over at True Purpose.
There’s also a Parts work workshop. To find out more: Audios from Aligning Your Psyche Teleclass 6/11 & Understanding Your Psyche Teleclass 5/25

Focus on what is mine to do

“Focus on what is mine to do.”Tomar Levine

Your Time to Bloom: Tomar Levine has a gracious online home at this link. Her voice is gentle and her toolbox is extensive. It’s especially yummy for those with creative yearnings who feel they haven’t lived into their fullness — yet.

Tomar and I have been in online classes together here and there over the years. We share a passion for learning and maybe a bit of reticence in “putting ourselves out there.”

In an email note that followed up a recent phone conversation the other day, she said this. “Focus on what is mine to do.” How timely. That’s exactly where I am too.  Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity talks about “just showing up on the page.” That, I realize, is part of what is mine to do.  (Hence how good for me is this blog challenge!)

I’ve latched onto Tomar’s simple phrase that is so rich in reverberations. It sounds more grounded and less grandiose than “Owning Your Greatness.” But it tills much the same ground.

Both frame a way of Being that taps into life purpose, into the reason why we are here. They speak to the ongoing process of giving our gifts, of manifesting and embodying the service we are here to do with the people we are meant to help, the contribution that our creation is meant to make.

Whether you approach it in a matter-of-fact way (“Focus on what is mine to do.”) or in an expansive and out-there “Owning Your Greatness” sort of way, the bottom line is to  generate from the root of our Being the tasks of Doing in the world. Being comes first, the foundation. Then the doing, the action.

By doing the doing, by taking the action, even imperfect action, we create shifts. We make things happen. It’s time to pull back the curtain of reticence. The proponents who advise listening to the still small voice speak perhaps more softly than some others. That doesn’t mean the message is any less important than the ones who “shout.”

In fact, you might consider that the opposite is true. I acknowledge Tomar for the inspiration that started this post.  And thanks also for this 30 Day Blog Challenge. It  is helping me show up, take action, be on the page, as I  build the bridge for myself and my tribe.