Your Values: The Key to Living with Power and Purpose

Knowing and living your values is a foundational step if you are a messenger, visionary, thought-leader, and make-a-difference change-maker. Join a community of change agents at The Gathering to tap into the power and purpose of values.

Values work is potent. There’s great richness in going deeply into the foundational building blocks of values as part of the inner shift we are here to usher through in our work and with our clients. Working with values is the first step if you, like me, care deeply about making a significant difference in the lives of your clients, and so, by extension, inviting that big difference to show up in the world.

It’s most effective when values are shared, and so building community around values is one of the great challenges we face in co-creating a new society and the upgraded institutions needed to serve it.

I have been called into a hugely productive partnership and collaboration with The True Purpose Institute. Their “first Wednesday of the month” tele-seminar, called The Gathering, invites change makers in all arenas to come together to learn and strengthen the inner game that will make us more effective in the change we are here to support in the world.

This Wednesday, 5 June, is the call that focuses on Values.

It is part of the True Purpose Institute monthly “Gathering” calls, and is being offered in partnership with the Barrett Values Centre. I invite you to join us if you can. I urge you to sign up to receive the recording, even if you have a conflict with being on the call live.

Here’s a bit about the “inner requirement” for knowing and living your values as change makers.


When wielding great power, you must be guided by
clear principles that ensure your actions are in
alignment with your purpose. As Mahatma Gandhi
said, “The means are the ends in the making”!
How you go about creating transformation is every
bit as important as the transformation itself.
Moreover, the values you choose must be consistent
with the world you are creating. This ensures that
your actions will continually model and reinforce
the new paradigm (assuming your behavior aligns
with your values, of course!)

Below is the link to sign up to receive the call-in details about The Gathering calls. There is no charge for the call, though there is a place to “pay it forward” via a True Purpose Institute-affiliated nonprofit.

The Gathering for Change Makers offers a year+ of monthly, high-level change-agent and inner-game strengthening conversations and community calls.

Here’s the link to sign for to get the call details (and also get access to this call recording as well as past and future call recordings):


To sharing values in community!


Live Your Business Legacy

August’s “What Will Be Your Legacy Month” is a great reminder. Mostly when you hear people talk about “legacies,” it’s all about what’s left behind.  Certainly that’s worth pondering.

But I challenge you to take it up a notch. Realize that what you leave behind starts with your decisions right now, in the present moment. How about living your legacy?  With every word you write and speak, every choice you make, you can connect the decisions to the heart and soul of your deepest commitment and connection to the whole. Make the present moment your moment to, as Gandhi reminded us, “BE the change you wish to see in the world.”

As someone leading a business, you can make a conscious decision right now to make all your choices for the highest good of all concerned. You can even take it the next step to make your decisions that will benefit “all the children of all the species,” (a phrase I’ve embraced from architect and polymath William McDonogh) and for the greater good of Mother Earth herself.

Unfortunately too often what I see in business is a disconnect between what you want to leave behind and the in-your-face necessities of business. How many cut corners does it take for disaster to follow  — especially when the focus is purely on bottom line results?

You are sowing the seeds — right here and right now — of what you leave behind at some future date.  Every decision in the present moment has consequences through time. Is your business living the legacy that you intend? If it is, are you documenting the positive moves?

Maybe this month’s reminder to consider your legacy is a perfect opportunity to look at your personal purpose, why you are here on this planet at this tumultuous time.
*Is your deeply personal, greater soul purpose informing your business actions?
*Are you aligning your business and personal purpose so that you are making the difference in the world that you came here to make?
*Is your business fully reflecting the highest purpose of you, as the leader of your business?

Live your legacy every day in your business by making decisions based on your most heart-felt values!