Cartography of the Heart CR6B

The Albquerque Botanic Garden gives truth to the phrase, “Dragon lives here.” This phrase used to be at the edge of maps of the known territories. Now it lives in the heart of an urban environment. 😉

Dragon at Albuquerque Botanic Garden
“Here be dragon,” what used to be off the edge of the known maps, is now a centerpiece at the Albuquerque Botanic Garden.

In Albuquerque, the Botanic Garden is a centrally located small gem of beauty and magic, showcasing plants that live and thrive in our Southwest region. See the sturdy rosemary tree back near the “desert plants” building. There’s a model train area, as well as the dragon, who is my favorite!

The audio for this site offers a walking meditation. Walk with me in my garden, slow down, bring all your senses into the picture. Use this short walking meditation to deepen your experience at the Botanic garden, and it’s perfect to use in any garden or even a space within wild nature.

Listen here.

Practical access details:

Address: 2601 Central NW

For the Botanic Garden:

Check out online details here.