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The Sandia Crest is among Albuquerque’s not-hidden jewels — literally the crown soaring above the city.

This high point was considered sacred to the indigenous ancestors and their descendants who care for the living land. Much of what has been done in the name of “progress” by those who colonized and settled here has stolen the sacred heart from this place.

Today trails and tram offer multiple access points to this wild nature right next to the metropolis. Crest trails meander all the way over to Placitas, approximately 15 miles North of the city.

Running along the Eastern edge of Albuquerque, the Sandias provide a dramatic backdrop. Most dramatic of all is the area called the Sandia Crest, the high point.
Poem-Meditation for Listening with the Living Land

Let us find again, together, the lost art of listening. Engaging with the meditative poem, “Lost Art,” tune into greater resonant alignment from within, slow down, and access new wisdom through the lost art of listening with Living Land.

What do you notice that you’d never noticed before?

Listen here.

A memory from an earlier time etched an image into my heart, even when the phone that captured the image was stolen. This poem is for GMS.

Listen here.

Practical points of access

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Map from the Sandia Ranger District:

Forest Service Map of Sandia Crest trails from the Sandia Ranger District. Note that the tramway access is at the Southern portion of the map.