WayMaker Initiation Circle–Part 1 of Befriending the Unknown

As I learned on 8 Aug., the “WayMaker Initiation Circle” is Part 1 of our 6 month Vessel + Sacred Circle currently calling itself: Befriending the Unknown: WayMaker Practices for Sailing Uncharted Seas.

This circle is unrelated to the recent Christian hymn about Way Maker.

These are the details and your invitation into Part 1, WayMaker Initiation Circle. Although “experiment” is the operative word here, the following is the most complete expression of Part 1 that I can put forward in this moment.

Read carefully, tune in, and inquire within. If you sense this is calling you forward, since participating or listening from Sunday, 2 August, then these are the particulars for engaging in Part 1 of the journey.

You don’t have to decide now that you want to be part of the entire 6 months. As I am learning and listening from within, more will be revealed. Likewise will it be for each one of us uniquely, if you choose to participate.

Part 1 begins with our 2 August seasonal circle, Lammas, first harvest. It extends through the end of September. It is a time of inner gathering, renewal, reviewing what is present in your current intent and capacities, and refining what is there.

In Part 1, we explore, deepen, and engage in a potent and focused field of intent from now through the end of September. My guidance is to start with this WayMaker Initiation as Part 1, initiating both ourselves and the journey, even as more is being revealed about the longer trek.

This is an experiment, so we will play together with open-hearted curiosity, kindness, generosity, and dedication. Due to the experimental nature, your initial commitment does not have to extend beyond the end of September.

We are each co-creating our own unique reality. We practice this reality co-creation together throughout this WayMaker Initiation portion of the journey — and beyond.

* As convener and circle-holder, I point out possibilities and perspectives from my own experience. You are invited to share yours.

* I hold the initial vision, its Vessel + Sacred Circle, and our field of shared intent. You get to experience depths within and nuances of shaping (holding) your own reality in your own unique way — while receiving support in our shared container.

* I share my practices both in real time sessions and asynchronously. With the latter, you are invited to receive the potency into your own field in your most perfect timing. There are also opportunities for you to share and refine your most potent practices.

* I am holding the sacred circle with support from various realms and modalities so that you can relax and receive as fully as you are willing. Simultaneously, you are learning and refining your own circle-holding capacities.

We connect within to inspired WayMaker practices to build the muscles of self-trust. You may have, in your own medicine satchel, practices that serve you well already. We gather, share, refine, and strengthen together during these unfathomable times.

During this WayMaker Initiation period, we practice our practices, separately and together. They become deeply embedded in our bodies and beings, so that the centered, grounded, home-for-self results become our default come-from. This is how we begin. The journey is dynamic, so we will experience it in the moment and trust where it takes us. Thus, we start with Part 1.

In addition to bringing your most potent practices, you are invited to share from-your-heart creations into our field of coherence. Together in the field, we witness, honor, and learn from our creations.

We refine and strengthen our practices, creations, and self from inside-out, thus expanding in self-trust. Your questions, concerns, and current challenges are also welcome. We witness, inquire, and lighten burdens through clearing and other inquiry and releasing practices.

Together, we co-create the vessel for the longer engagement, the rest of the 6 months, as Befriending the Unknown comes into clearer focus for all. We live (inhabit) our practices, processes, and living creations to the fullest. In doing so, we become a personal fractal (field) of the new reality that is being born through us and as us.

As WayMakers, our essential and first learning is to live into this credo that just came through:


Travel light, and be the light that encompasses all.
Be the calm center, and allow storms to play out as they will.
Travel together, in the unifying direction of through.
Travel far, though you journey not.
Claim the vessel of your being
From whence new reality springs.

WayMaker Initiation Circle

What is included as Part 1 of Befriending the Unknown

* Lammas (Aug 2), first harvest, turns out to be our opening gathering. (If you need the PDF with everything included, just let me know.)

* Equinox seasonal circle Zoom gathering, with a similarly comprehensive PDF provided (week of 21 Sept.)

* Bi-monthly Zoom gatherings: (4) Starting week of 17 Aug.; and including week of 31 Aug., 14 Sept., 28 Sept. Dates, days, times to be determined in consultation with those who choose to participate.

* Gatherings may include: Centering/grounding experiences; Promptings for inquiring within and connecting to inner wisdom, Deep listening sessions; QA sessions; Sharing-Our-Practices sessions; and more to be revealed.

* Days and times jointly agreed on and possibly switched up, depending on global time zones of participants.

* Space-holding ceremonies for new reality co-creation (one as behind-the-scenes and one as a live session, in addition to the bi-monthly sessions)

* Participate as an active co-creator and contributor to our circle, including your shares in the Gathering of Resources and sharing your best practices

* Private online space to share (right now, likely a Facebook private group)

* My background/behind the scenes healing and space-holding practices support the circle in radiant wholeness.

* WayMaker 1-on-1 sessions — special prices for WayMakers during our time together and beyond. (Personal Belvaspata session or package, Self-Presencing Experience, Sounding Board Session or package, Engage Your Purpose, Nature-Medicine Walk)

Part 1 encompasses all of the above in August and September.

Investment for this first WayMaker Initiation Circle is $80.12.

Link to PayPal.me to be part of this first wave of WayMaker Initiation Circle:


About Bobbye Middendorf, MA

Bobbye serves and supports intuitive, empathic visionaries, evolutionaries, and conscious creators as Spoken Word Alchemist, Yin Arising Mentor, Inner Wisdom Guide, as well as healer, creator, poet, and sacred space holder. Her work expands inner spaciousness and entrains these change catalysts into their inner wisdom field. They root into self-trust that results in co-creating a new reality for all life to flourish.


Bobbye “… has an unusual ability to hold space by carefully tending to the creation of a safe and deep container, through the patience and holding of her deep listening and through her caring wisdom. The result is that one sees oneself and one’s situation more clearly, more fully, and with more compassion.” — MD, Ontario