Cartography of the Heart CR7

Meditation for the Valle D’Oro National Wildlife Refuge

Still in its infancy, this land is being developed into a wildlife refuge from the fields that used to be here. The meditative practice in the audio gives you a chance to co-create and envision what might be possible as we engage in a conscious partnership with Mama Gaia.

The golden land at sunset… from Cibola National Forest near Placitas. This northern site where I walk bookends the Southernmost site (Valle D’Oro National Wildlife Refuge) of this Cartography of the Heart map/project for Albuquerque.

The image of the golden land offers a bookend to Valle D’Oro NWR, from my walking path beyond Albuquerque’s northern border — roughly 20 miles to the North, the northern edge of the greater Albuquerque area.

South past the airport, at the edge of Albuquerque, an urban national wildlife refuge is in progress. Currently visual artists have created murals for the varying habitats that are in process.

Envision the pure potentialities, and what more is possible, with this meditative visualization.

Listen here.

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Address: 7851 Second St SW  

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