Cartography of the Heart–Site CR1

Start or end at the Alameda Open Space …

Engage with the Dynamic Dialogue…

… between the “official story” of each site, and the more from-the-inside mystic’s path (represented by my poems and meditations). While there are multiple entry points into communion with the Living Land, you are the one to choose. I encourage a both-and-encompassing approach as the way for the greatest potential to reveal itself.

Cottonwood bark as ally and kin with your spine as you lean against it, feel its flows in resonant alignment with your own inner flows.

Start with this centering meditation. It’s all-purpose, just as CR-1, the Alameda Open Space, can be either a starting point or an ending point in a journey along the Rio Grande River and the Bosque through Albuquerque.

Going beyond just a meditation, this first track offers powerful context for the inside-out practices that support initiating a relationship with the Living Land, starting from your inner space.

This audio meditation opens a portal to see, sense, experience from your inside, outwards. From this tutorial-of-sorts, you’ll access the most simple practice of finding your kin connection with Mama Gaia is through the breath.

Listen here.

Practical points of access

1 Alameda Open Space and Northern riverfront trail access (1-A)

     1-A) Paseo del Bosque Trail—Map and access points

We have to start somewhere, yes? Why not here?

This prose-poem offers a flavor and practical reframing for holding both ends of a continuum when we engage this Both-And notion with open-hearted curiosity. We can choose to engage and encompass polarities with a spaciousness and playful sense of the pure potentiality that emerges when Both-And stir around in the sandbox together. (In Improv, this is called the “Yes. And.” Each one builds on each other, not making the other “wrong.”)

The attitudes of praise, love, gratitude, trust, and hope become the invisible infrastructure for greater wholeness to arise when we start to practice this Both-And. In the case of the sacred interconnections at the heart of this project, Mama Gaia is a willing and active partner in co-creation WITH US.

What we have is not perfect, yet we can start where we are. With what we’ve got.
Listen here.