Compass Rose Map for ABQ

Cartography of the Heart:
Reclaiming Our Sacred Interconnection

Map in Albuquerque Compass Roses Exhibit
Cartography of the Heart: Reclaiming Our Sacred Interconnection

Connecting with the Living Land: A short audio of my intent for the Compass Roses Exhibit Cartography of the Heart mixed media project.

Connect within first — in order to connect with the Living Land.
My #SpokenWordAlchemy
includes these centering, grounding
meditations, visualizations, and poetry

Over on SoundCloud, each of the 8 sites on the map has one or more tracks for experiencing the inner alchemy for deepening within to be in right relation and greater interconnection with Mother Earth. (Note that site 6 has a 6A (ABQ Aquarium) and 6B (ABQ Botanic Garden), both of which are part of the ABQ BioPark, thus 8 unique sites.)

To engage with #SpokenWordAlchemy and bring yourself into grounded harmony with the Earth, please visit my SoundCloud location.
The track titles for this project start with CR, for Compass Roses.

Links to each page’s map site

Alameda Open Space CR1

Sandia Crest CR2

Volcanoes CR3

Rio Grande Nature Center State Park CR4

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science CR5

Albuquerque Aquarium CR6A

Albuquerque Botanic Garden CR6B

Valle D’Oro National Wildlife Refuge CR7
(Urban and in-process at April 2021; image on this page is NOT from

First is the Living Land, beloved Mother Earth, Mama Gaia. To read my full draft message about acknowledging the living land, you can go here.

To view the entire Compass Roses-Albuquerque exhibit online, link to it here.
To listen/view to the Artists’ Talks, please visit the Vimeo video here.

(My 5 minute talk is about 50 minutes into the video.)