Vision Clarity

If “Be the change” really resonates with you…

and yet you wonder what that change might look like as we co-create a world that  works for everyone, then you are invited to give your change-maker muscles a workout.

My colleague, founder of the True Purpose Institute, Tim Kelley,  will be sharing his proven vision-clarity process for the first time to a group. It’s all about bringing change-makers and collaborators (like us) into a position to truly “Be the change” we are called to be and create the new paradigms that our society is calling for.  I hope you are able to be my guest on the call. (Or, if you can’t join live, please go ahead and sign up, and you will get the recording.)

It seems especially timely for the state our world is in. We are being called to our highest expression — together!


Because, you see, creating a new vision is a radical act ….

of change agents and change makers. It is far easier to complain about the old paradigm than to create a new one. What currently exists has served to bring us to this point, and it must continue to operate until the new paradigm is sufficiently developed to perform all the necessary functions of society. Making current reality wrong hinders transformation. What is needed is a crystal clear, detailed picture of the transformed world you are working to create.


One of the leading visionaries in the business of transforming  business is my mentor and colleague, Tim Kelley, founder of The True Purpose Institute.  While vision is a best practice in organization development, it’s not always done well. Vision is also of critical importance to change  agents:

One of the key problems in how we are going about the process of changing the world is the lack of a clear vision of what that changed world will look like. Join us at the September Gathering call when we welcome back Tim Kelley to lead us in discussing this crucial topic.

Tim is an acclaimed speaker and author of True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make. He has inspired audiences worldwide with his message of hope and empowerment. Tim has helped many leaders clarify their vision, including international corporations like ING and individual leaders in business and government who are working to transform society. He has transformed entire organizations by working with their executive teams to bring passion and inspiration throughout the work force. Tim has never spoken to public groups before about this vision clarity process.  You won’t want to miss it!

Things you will learn:

  • The two different types of visions that are applicable to change agents and change-oriented organizations
  • Specific methods for creating powerful visions
  • Best practices for wording vision statements
  • What to do with vision statements (they usually just sit on a shelf and gather dust)

The things you will learn on this call will be applicable to your work on yourself as a change agent, your work with individual clients, and work you do with teams and organizations.  Even if you already do work professionally with vision statements, we guarantee that you will learn something new on this call!

Here are the details to sign up  to join our call:


Just fill in your contact and email address in the fields on the right-hand side of the page. You will receive the call-in details as well as a post-call link to listen again, or if you can’t make the call live.


In shared vision for a world that works for everyone,


Bobbye Middendorf
Poet of Pure Potentiality
“Shine your light in words.”

P.S. I’ve been an active collaborator with teams that make up The True Purpose Institute for two years. This is a fresh and exciting process that Tim has only used within private client interactions.

P.P.S.  This call series does not have a cost attached, although there is a way to “pay it forward,” if you choose.  If you use the link included in this email, and choose later to purchase a course or training from The True Purpose Institute, I may receive a small thank-you referral  fee.

Summer Camp for World-Changers

If you feel something awakening and stirring
within you, it may be the Great Turning, a
global awakening, a spark of change longing
to ignite in your heart. In essence, you may
be feeling a call to something bigger, a call to
action in this changing world.

> What might that look like?
> Is this what you are called to explore?
> Are you a change agent? Or a change maker?

One of my mentors, Tim Kelley, founder of
The True Purposeâ„¢ Institute, offers some
guidelines and reflections so you can determine
if you’re a change agent. And if you are, what on
earth can you do about it?!

Catch Tim’s message on video at the link below:

(Copy and paste this into your browser if it’s
not a live link!)

It’s informative and short. Please have a look!

If you sign up at the link below, there will be future
videos and calls, going into much greater detail about
how you can become a powerful and successful
instrument of change.

If you’d like to continue with this
exploration of purposeful change — and also
to be eligible to participate in the complimentary
7-Day Purpose Challenge (starting on 7-28!)
you will need to register to receive the
notification details.

You can do that here:

In future videos, you’ll hear from other
successful change agents who are living
their purpose.  Watch for them!

With appreciation,
Bobbye Middendorf

P.S. I encourage you to explore possibilities
and feed your curiosity about global change in
this safe, private educational series, especially
if your inner call doesn’t make rational sense
right now.  And to get all the info, including
your invitation to the seven-day purpose challenge,
click below:

P.P.S.  As I mentioned, there is no cost to participate
in any of these activities.  The True Purpose™
Institute and I support each other’s efforts to
make a living as we work to change the world;
if you were to buy something from the True Purposeâ„¢
Institute later, I may receive a referral fee.

P.P.P.S. Why all this? Why now? What is
my connection?

I’ve been a member of the True Purposeâ„¢ community
since 2009. For the past year, I’ve been
collaborating more intensively — co-creating
strategy, executing plans, writing/revising
copy on marketing teams, contributing to social networking
engagement, and supporting the True Purposeâ„¢ Institute
in launching programs and courses. Oh, yes,
and growing my own capabilities
as leader and messenger for global change.

The work I’ve been doing within this community
has been life-altering — giving me the fortitude,
courage, and support personally to come out of
the closet and shine as the brightest and highest
expression of myself.

And THAT’s how we each do our
part in this global change project!
I hope that, if this calls to you, you
will come explore the territory with me!

Go here to join in:

Long Silence Broken; Launch ‘n Learn

Launch, Learn, & Clear Your Path to Abundance

Learning the ins and outs of online launches by being on the front lines…Well actually at the  keyboard. But wow–what an experience to put all the words together for all the emails, messages, sales page, registration page, autoresponders etc., etc.

I’ve been learning purposeful marketing-by-doing on a collaboratively operating team: It’s an eye-opening experience. I knew there were a lot of “moving parts” to a launch campaign, but I had NO IDEA!

We are sprinting the last few hurdles for a new course starting next week at the True Purpose (TM) Institute. It’s called Effortless Pricing: The Exchange of Love and Money.
You’ve asked where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, eager to see samples of what I’ve written lately.

Most recently it’s been an awesome time of collaboration with Tim Kelley and the team at the True Purpose(TM) Institute. Mentored by Tim in Purposeful Marketing, I’ve been partnering with them on writing the marketing messages for launching the latest course, Effortless Pricing: The Exchange of Love and Money.

The message below is an invitation that I had a hand in writing, giving you a flavor of the marketing writing I’m doing right now. I’ve jokingly called it “Launch ‘n Learn,” since we have been co-creating a full launch campaign for the upcoming class. I’m learning from a hands-on perspective just how many written parts go into a launch like this.

It’s been an experience both sobering and exciting — of living and breathing the details, project management, scheduling, writing, writing, writing, revising, publishing.

Actually the Effortless Pricing: The Exchange of Love and Money class starts this week. I’m enrolled to take the class too, because I sense that abundance is something that is part of my message to share. Why? Because it seems to be one of my biggest challenges.

So I’d like to invite you to join me in the first call of the class, Effortless Pricing: The Exchange of Love and Money. There is no cost to come to the first class. If you decide to participate in the full 6-week class, and you use the links below, I will receive a small referral fee. Obviously I believe in the course and its approach — since I signed up myself!

As I say,  I will be in the class myself. If you are too, then shoot me an email, and we can put together our own community mini-mastermind group for support through this journey to abundance and Effortless Pricing. (This is  my personal bonus to you for signing up through my affiliate link.)

Again, the following letter is one I had a hand in copywriting, so I wanted to share it as a sample of what I’m up to right now. If you feel called to explore this specific invitation, I look forward to connecting!

If now isn’t the time for you to delve into this specific issue, then many blessings to you on your journey. I’m sure we’ll reconnect soon!


Why Clients Don’t Want to Pay for Your Time

When selling services, charging by the hour (or day, week or
month) is the norm.  Have you ever wondered why?  If you stop and
think about it, your clients aren’t really seeking your time.
The time you spend with them is merely the means to an end.

In most situations, there are much better ways to exchange your
talents and gifts for money.  Ways that create better incentives
for you and your clients and don’t punish you for being skillful
and efficient.

If you earn money selling services that you deliver, make time
to join my friend and colleague, Tim Kelley on Tuesday 3-20-12
for an eye-opening exploration of how you charge for what you do.
He will do an in-depth examination of the time-for-money pricing
model and tour of some of the alternatives.  Put it in your
calendar now:

Go here for the details to join this call:

Tim is starting a brand new course on Tuesday and he’s inviting
you to attend the first class of Effortless Pricing: The Exchange
of Love and Money at no charge.

In the first call of the Effortless Pricing course, you’ll get
an overview of the limiting beliefs and fears that get in the way
of money flow. Then, as he puts dollars-for-hours pricing under a
microscope, you’ll learn when it’s effective (less often than
you’d think) and when using this model causes needless struggle
and competition (most of the time).

You’ll also discover OTHER ways of charging for your services,
some radically different than what you’ve encountered before —
all to be covered in great detail in the full Effortless Pricing:
The Exchange of Love and Money Teleseminar.

Because your purpose is as unique to you as your fingerprints,
there’s no proven formula or sure-fire step-by-step method that
you can you can shake from a can like magic dust to live your
purpose as your livelihood.

Yet if you are willing to spend some time focusing on it, you
can remove your inner blocks and learn the outer strategies to
earn what you deserve for the gifts and talents you offer your

See where you are stuck around money, and
you will also see the exact place you are
stuck in offering your transformational work.

The money blocks you experience are a crucial part of your path,
and resolving them is key to your personal transformation! If you
constrict when it’s time to discuss money with prospective
clients, you may still have hidden blocks.

Imagine how liberating to uncover answers, insights, and a
like-minded community!  If money is not a clear flow with you, I
encourage you to explore this no-cost class, the first session of
Effortless Pricing: The Exchange of Love and Money.

Go here for the details to join this call:

With you on the path,


P.S.  I’m registered to be in this course myself, so I hope you
will join me! I’ve been working on the copywriting for this campaign
with Tim and the True Purpose â„¢ Institute team.

P.P.S. I hope you are able to come to the no-cost call on Tuesday
3-20. Should you continue with the course and make a purchase from
The True Purposeâ„¢ Institute, I will receive a referral fee.

There’s no charge and lots to learn.

Wishing you abundance on your path,