Honoring Gaia’s Longest Day

… And Why It Matters

It’s possible to assuage the palpable hunger to step into a new reality and CoCreate a New Earth …

Hopi Totem — Mother Bear Carries Mother Earth


The CoCreation process — CoCreating on every level, including in sacred exchange and conscious partnership with Mama Gaia — is one of the easiest, most natural, and also most crucial steps to support the unfurling of the New Earth reality that is already present.

Wait. What?!

It’s like that image from the Raiders of the Lost Ark franchise — the movie where Harrison Ford — taking steps into thin air across a chasm — brings the bridge to life as he walks it into visibility. Otherwise, it stays invisible. 

So, too, are we CoCreating what is present yet not visible in surface appearances. By showing up, we walk it into visibility. We “land” this magic land into embodiment — where we can access treasure chests of pure potentiality far beyond Hollywood’s limited notion of riches.

It all starts with tuning into the cycles of the year and connecting within ourselves in this greater context. (Bring on your Eagle Vision!)

Connecting within. Connecting with Mother Nature and the Earth, her seasonal cycles. Connecting with the cosmos, the Infinite, the Grandmothers’ Net of Light, the Ocean of Qi, the fabric of existence, the field of pure love that is also the field of pure consciousness.

Let’s cultivate that field, all these intersecting fields! After all, in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s summer, so a perfect time to continually nurture and cultivate, coax along all that yearns to grow under our care.

By showing up fully, in our own radiant Presence and together in a coherence field within Mother Earth’s greater coherence field, we land in, on, and as the New Earth reality coming into being through our Presence.

Yet all the vastness and potentiality is simultaneously grounded in walking and connecting slowly, patiently, consciously — with the Earth. Landing ourselves amidst the beauty, majesty, miracles, and magic of Pachamama’s lap overflowing with gifts of grace and blessings, Her Presence and support palpable. We are bringing soul (the inner world of feminine flow, feelings, and frequency) into its fullest possible em-BODY-ment.

Your inner Soul-Presence is now making her presence felt in the outer world. At heart, it’s all about self-welcoming, self-cherishing in the present moment. Your willingness to do this alters trajectories and sends ripples of greater coherence into the nervous system of the culture. Your Presence, from this place, changes things beyond what you can ever know.

It’s big work and joyous play all at the same time — and its potency is amplified when we do it together.

It’s a new dance, a new playground that we are CoCreating. As we breathe together, gather together, Zoom together … write, process, journey, and vision together, more of the New Earth reality comes into visibility and lands with and through us.

There’s nothing more alive and more important than making this inner connection — in partnership with Mother Nature. She is our mentor and ally to deepen into our own unique Songline, the thread of the wholeness of our own unique Song of Self, what I call each one’s HeartFireMagic.

If we CoCreate in aware partnership with all that is alive in the field of consciousness (way more than you might normally imagine and consider “alive” from the old definitions), your own unique template/blueprint/song can’t help but emerge in its next evolving octave.

I promise. What is yours will come to you in exquisite Divine Timing. That’s the magic of these gatherings …  And it’s an especially potent time to weave these threads of connection.

If this speaks to you, and you wish to celebrate Mother Earth’s longest day (in the Northern Hemisphere) — albeit a bit early — we gather on Sunday 11 June at 12 noon Mountain time.

Even if the timing isn’t optimal, the Love-Light of this gathering is alive in whatever present moment of Now that you engage with the experience. Your Presence graces the circle in the eternal moment of Now.

Here are the details and sign-up links:
Solstice Connection Details for Your Calendar & Link to Sign Up
11 June 2023
12 noon MT – 1:30 pm
Via Zoom
Time in your world?
Check here:

In Sacred Exchange for Summer Solstice gathering:
Please go to this link with your from-the-heart sacred exchange.
$28 is suggested for 2023, if that is doable without hardship. … Or more or less as works for you.  
If you want to propose something else as sacred exchange, please reach out to me.

Please see the P.S. for details about signing up for this and all remaining seasonal circles for 2023!
Hoping to see you on Zoom on Sunday, 11 June!

Love and appreciation,

P.S. You Can Still Honor Mama Gaia’s Cycles 5 times in 2023…
Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice encompasses 5 of our seasonal gatherings.
These include:
> Mama Gaia’s two “extremes” of longest day … then longest night…
> plus one Equinox Balance Point (in September.) …
> plus two midpoints, called cross-quarter days — Lughnasadh in early August and Samhain in early November.

It would be an honor to have your Presence grace the circle through the rest of this extraordinary year.

Here’s the link if you are feeling called to immerse in Mama Gaia’s seasonal rhythms in community and in self-honoring deepening of your own connection with the natural creative growth cycles.

Please use this link to register for the remaining 5 gatherings for 2023:

P.P.S. If you want to feel into this offering more deeply — and/or if you know of someone you sense would resonate with this experience, all the details, with links to register, are here:

Attuning to this magic moment in your own present moment of Now also counts, and your presence graces the circle no matter when you experience it! (Recording and prompts provided for all who sign up, to consume in your most perfect timing!)

Plus the Belvaspata Field Holds Us All Before,
During, & for 6 Months after Each Circle …

The radiant angelic heart-wholeness practice of Belvaspata
not only supports us all in holding the circle space, but it’s
a practice I renew every day. You are held in my daily
Belvaspata maintenance practice for an additional 6 months.

The Belvaspata field, as it intersects with your field, offers
you layers of support … available as you open to receive
these gifts of ongoing presence, grace, blessings —
all toward your unique Song of Self of your being
coming into its fullest flowering.

Bobbye Middendorf
Inner Wisdom Keeper

Author: Bobbye

Bobbye Middendorf, MA, partners with evolutionaries as mystic-catalyst, healer, and poet -- evoking experiences of hope, self-grounding, self-trust, resilience, and joy. Spoken Word Alchemy opens portals for Yin Arising via mentoring; she offers inner wisdom guidance and word altars. With WayMakers, this award-winning wordsmith regenerates their clarity and expansive expression to live life as a work of art.

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