Restore, Renew with Yoga and Writing Weekend

It’s so exciting to partner with
Yoga for the Seasoned Body(TM) expert
Monika Andreas for an upcoming weekend
of renewal! Details below.




Monika Andreas and Bobbye Middendorf

Renew  *  Refresh  *  Restore  Your
Body  *  Mind  *  Spirit

*  Leading off with deeply relaxing and
restorative yoga,
Monika gently introduces
ease for your body and peace for your mind.
This Yoga taps your inner healing wisdom
with therapeutic effects on your heart,
immune, digestive, circulatory, skeletal,
and other physiological systems — AND
your spirit and creativity!

*  Renewing your creative self and
reinvigorating your life
in written words:
Like Yoga, writing can heal the heart and
renew the spirit. Bobbye helps you awaken
to your inner gifts and expression. In our
sacred circle, you are invited to bring
forth the stories and truths you are
yearning to share.

Where:    Addison at Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois

Your Investment:   $225 for entire weekend of renewal

Sorry…The Early Decision Deadline has passed.

****Save $$$ with your Early Decision!****
Your investment on or before Feb. 25:
Early Registration (with deposit)  $180

(Individual sessions receive $10 discount
with early registration/deposit by Feb. 25)

Friday, March 4 -   6:30-9:30 p.m.   $ 55**
Saturday, March 5 – 9:30-5:30 p.m.  $115**
Sunday, March 6 -   9:30-3:30 p.m. $ 75**
**Costs per session if purchased individually.

Monika Andreas, with 35 years of yoga wisdom,
responds to the needs of each student.
She has trained with master yoga teachers
including B.K.S. Iyengar, Roger Eischens, Angela
Farmer, and Victor VanKooten among others
during more than three decades as a yogi.

Bobbye Middendorf leads Sacred Story Vision Quests,
convenes circles for writing and meditating, and
mentors people with urgent healing messages.
She is an award-winning writer with an
M.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts
from Columbia College and creator of

Please contact me to reserve your place, as space is
limited. Feel free to email me
jasbjm(at)earthlink(dot)net with any
questions, and we can schedule a
one-on-one phone conversation.

Wishing you an abundance of
Love, Light & Laughter,

Bobbye Middendorf
The Write Synergies Guru

Daybook for a Conscious Creator

As creators, especially conscious creators, it’s important to get out and feed the imagination regularly.  Julia Cameron calls this taking yourself out on an Artist Date.  So tonight, I took myself out and reconnected with my past — those years ago when I was an Interdisciplinary Arts student at Columbia College.

Tonight was the opening of the Retrospective exhibit of paper and book artist, Marilyn Sward at the Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts.  I went down to 11th Street @ Wabash in Chicago to see the opening and reconnect with some old friends, including the brilliant and ever-delightful artist/educator/curator Suzanne Cohan-Lange. Bestselling author Audrey Niffenegger was there, also a former colleague of Marilyn’s.

The late Marilyn Sward was one of my teachers when I was getting my grad degree at Columbia. She was utterly passionate about hand-made paper and the book arts.  Jeff Abell, another of my Columbia teachers, is putting together the catalog, coming out later this summer.

From her early sketchbooks to her late aerial photographs, with paper installations, hand-made books, and everything in between, Marilyn was profoundly engaged as both artist and teacher. It is good to be reminded that creations come in many shapes and sizes, and that artists contribute in many ways.

As I stood on the Roosevelt Road elevated platform in the early evening sunset, to the West, the towers of St. Ignatius reared up, at least a mile away. Closer by, the glass high rises along South Michigan Ave. glittered in the waning sunlight. Away to the East, across Lake Shore Drive, I was looking right in the front door of the Shedd Aquarium. Chicago stood awash in its most gorgeous light.

In a different vein, as I write this, the firecrackers are still popping all around me and horns still blare periodically, as Chicago celebrates the Stanley Cup win for Chicago’s own Blackhawks.

Jeanne Kolenda wrote this evening about the seeming inability of people to notice beauty even when it’s right there in the subway, playing a Stradivarius. So this is a sort of time-out post to acknowledge, appreciate, and be conscious of the complex fabric  of life fully lived all around me — at least today.

There will be time enough for more bridge-building tomorrow.

Push the Reset Button–Day 3 Blog Challenge

The Write Synergies Guru, Bobbye 6.1, finds herself scheduled to appear on Nina Price’s Blog Talk Radio Show, Push the Reset Button, on Saturday, April 17 at 11 AM Central.

Nina Price calls it “reset.” It’s that after-40 moment when the opportunity or the challenge is to recreate and reinvent oneself for enjoying the new half of life.  Nina is host of Push the Reset Button on Blog Talk Radio. Through a couple of different connections, I find myself scheduled for an interview on her show on Saturday morning.

I’m coming out of the closet on the book I’m working on, the one whose content is supposed to be unfolding right here as part of the blog challenge. That is, Write Synergies: Creating the Map for Your Journey.  [anyway, that’s the current iteration!]

And in the interview, we’re also going to talk about my various reinventions of myself, what I call Bobbye 6.1, along with the Sanskrit Factor, Interdisciplinary Arts, and how writing can be a perfect companion for finding the vision and the inner gifts waiting to be expressed. Writing is also the key to bringing that inner vision quest out into the world. The key to constant reinvention is continually learning, creating, and trusting your own inner connections. As the Write Synergies Guru, I share how to use the writing process to become your own guru and live your legacy so you don’t die with the dream and vision stuck inside.

Nina has posted the show description and my bio at her page on Blog Talk Radio. I hope you will log onto Blog Talk Radio on Saturday  at 11AM central time for a dose of reset and reinvention with yours truly.

Signing off on #blog30, day 3 of Connie Ragan Green’s Blog Challenge!