Identifying Conscious Creators

If you are of the tribe of Conscious Creators, you will see yourself somewhere here.  Check in and see if you resonate.  Do you recognize yourself and your yearnings in the following?

As a Conscious Creator, you are ready to shine your light.  You’re looking to create results greater than the sum of the parts (synergies)  so that you’re able to make a difference where it matters — Transforming your life and livelihood by offering your gift in a way that best serves your people.

You are ready to step up to create what matters to you, realizing this is only possible if you maintain a mindful and fully aware attitude toward your creation, project, or venture.  You are committed, taking responsibility for your work, life, creations, spiritual path, and the heart-based and soulful communications needed for transformation.  These are some of the synergies that inspire you as you contemplate transforming your life and livelihood with words and connecting with your audience.

You resonate with words like:  Authenticity.  Integrity.  Connections.  Synergies.   Living Your Purpose.  Appreciation.  Collaborations.  Partnerships.  Alliances.  Spiritual Service.  Heart and Marketing.  Imagination.

You are seeing and saying the “yes” of conscious creation when:

[ * ]You long to bring heart to your marketing and express your soul through your venture, project, or creation.

[ * ]You count yourself among the tribe of Conscious Creators–or you aspire to be there, even if you don’t think you’re there yet.

[ * ]You yearn to shine your authenticity like a beacon.

[ * ]You are ready and willing to own your greatness.

[ * ]You feel it’s way past time to create and express your authentic gifts.

[ * ]You are willing to connect with your tribe–your own perfect audience of readers, clients, customers.

[ * ]You know it’s time to make a difference — with your Self and your Conscious Creations (ventures, services, books, products, info-products, seminars, workshops).

[ * ]You are committed to leaving a legacy.

[ * ]You are open to connecting with a believing mirror, someone who will see you with discernment,  listen with compassion, and reflect back your greatness so that you can encompass (BE) and express your highest expression.

You are willing to say yes and step into the transformative moments of possibility.  If you are willing to say yes, then let’s talk.