Daily Harvest

“Imagine … consciously entering into a spacious sacred container of support for inner deep listening. … For finding your inner harvest — eons worth of your gifts, gems, and jewels long-hidden behind veils of illusion of separation. It is time.” –with 22 Days of Meditations and Prompts.

22 Days to Deepen Your Harvest…

Explore & Integrate
YOUR Embodied Wisdom
Celebrate Your #HeartFireMagic

Listening for the gifts of your #HeartFireMagic
Listening for the gifts of your #HeartFireMagic Photo by Bobbye Middendorf

“Imagine … consciously entering into a spacious sacred container of support for inner deep listening. … For finding your inner harvest — eons worth of your gifts, gems, and jewels long-hidden behind veils of illusion of separation. It is time.”

With love from Bobbye

Harvest YOUR Inner Wisdom Daily! You’re invited to 22 days of deepening to harvest your own inspirations and ah-ha moments — even while you’re with all of us on this crazy roller coaster of our times.

Amidst tumult and changes, we’re riding incessant waves of ups and downs. It’s time for shifting focus to self-honor, to bring in the harvest of what we’ve done & who we’ve been up until this time.

What happens and what changes when you slow down to gather your inner wisdom? You might experience coming back to your own sacred center and finding new, delicious ways to be “home for self.” In my experience, this is the answer for creating self-stability amidst all the everythings.

Harvesting from your own unique field of dreams, wisdom, and HeartFire Magic + Medicine, turns out, is the most vital sustenance available to see you through and out the other side.

Daily Harvest carries a sacred intent: to open hearts, heads, eyes, hands, and bodies to what is already present, alive, vibrant within the field … There’s so much from deep within you that’s ready to be recognized and harvested — what is ready and ripe — right now — to feed you on profound levels. … AND for seed-planting into future gardens of your creations & your Being!

Over 22 days (including both the Equinox Seasonal Circle and a final Harvest-Celebration Sunday), here’s what will happen, when, and how:
> Each Sunday for 3 weeks, you will receive a brand new audio centering meditation in your in-box.
> Each day– for 21 days including Sundays — you will receive a prompt (or inspired quote or visual)… something that will unlock new harvest-pathways for you, inspired and drawn from the one centering audio each week. And you can listen as many times as you choose!

Dates for your calendar:
Sunday #1 — 18 September– First message — audio centering and prompt delivered to your in-box — followed by 6 more days of prompts to examine, harvest, inquire, and explore different aspects or threads from first-Sunday’s rich, multifaceted audio grounding-centering-visioning experience.
(Audio link will be re-sent in each day’s email.)

Sunday 25 September — EQUINOX Celebration & Deepening Circle — Welcome to the Seasonal Sacred Circle marking one of two balance points on Mama Gaia! (This gathering is included in the registration for Daily Harvest.) We meet on Zoom at Noon MDT for 90 minutes. Be assured … The harvest theme will still be very much alive … and other aspects/themes will also make themselves known as we get closer.

Sunday #2 — 25 SeptemberSecond message — Second audio centering and prompt delivered to your in-box — followed by 6 more days of prompts to examine, harvest, inquire, and explore different aspects or threads from second-Sunday’s rich, multifaceted audio grounding-centering-visioning experience.
(Audio link will be re-sent in each day’s email.)

Sunday #3 — 2 October — Third message — Third audio centering and prompt delivered to your in-box — followed by 6 more days of prompts to examine, harvest, inquire, and explore different aspects or threads from third-Sunday’s rich, multifaceted audio grounding-centering-visioning experience.
(Audio link will be re-sent in each day’s email.)

Each day’s prompt** over these 21 days opens a portal, a new access point, door, window, or pathway for you from within the centering — so you access hidden treasures from within YOU.
**Also inspiration may arise for me to “mix things up” a bit, including an image that is relevant or an inspiring quote — in addition to or in lieu of the prompt … All will be “food for thought” or grist for your mill of deep inner harvesting.

Sunday #4 — 9 October — Day 22 — Celebrating our 22-Days of Harvest — A sharing circle, gathering on Zoom. Consider this our community “barn-raising” to honor each other, acknowledge the harvest, and recognize the gifts emerging. This will primarily be a time for sharing YOUR wisdom-harvest, plus stories, discoveries, and feedback on the process.

In sharing, a next level of integration alchemy shows up — so that the ah-ha insights, inspirations, and inner wisdom become even more deeply embodied in your head, heart, and core. From within you and together, we explore ways to LIVE the harvest and have it sustain you now and — through seeding — to offer sustenance onward into the future!

Additional invisible, invincible support … Each day, you are held in the alchemical healing field of Belvaspata, and its angelic heart wholeness. This, my daily practice, offers support, inspiration, and wind under your wings to keep the harvesting alive and lively.

Each Day over the 22 Days of Harvesting …

You can deepen into your own awareness that recognizes, honors, appreciates … all your gifts, gems, and jewels long-hidden. It is time for them to rise, for you to gather and harvest from this rich lode of experience.

Designed to be doable daily (although life does happen … & missing a day won’t derail the process), this Daily Harvest Practice grows from within, from your unique inner field and its rooted foundation of your embodied BEing.

It’s an offering for saying, “YES!” to you, and to spaciousness within the day to collect, celebrate, acknowledge the grace and blessings, presence and support ever-present; to gather your lessons & insights … with your own grateful heart.

During the Lughnasadh Seasonal Circle, a few weeks back, we recognized the SEEDS of our wisdom-insights, new perspectives and perceptions. This “first harvest of the grain” is so timely — and of course, depending on your geographic growing zone, the season to harvest can last in some places all the way to Samhain (All Souls’ Day) and beyond.

That’s why I want to get us started on Sunday 18 September, so I hope if this speaks to you, you will immerse in a profound new way of self-harvesting, self-love, self-appreciation, and honoring the flows from within!

Your SEEDS are simultaneously the food and sustenance for you in the moment — as well as the seeding of your future, that we are also planting right now.

Let’s bring forth from where we’ve been — and simultaneously seed our becomings.
Let’s PLAY!

To sign up for the 22 Days of Daily Harvest — starting 18 September — plus the EQUINOX Seasonal Circle (Zoom gathering) on Sunday 25 September PLUS the Harvest Festival (Zoom gathering) on Sunday 9 October, follow this PayPal Link.

This link is for you to register for this Harvest Your Inner Wisdom experience, including the Autumnal Equinox gathering. (Northern Hemisphere)

With love and appreciation,

P.S. Remember: The Angelic Realm of Belvaspata, Heart-Wholeness, Holds You …Before, during, and after our circles as well as throughout the Daily Harvest experience.And for 6 months beyond! This is truly a priceless healing and uplift practice that is baked into almost everything I do! The Belvaspata practice that I offer holds the safe and sacred space that’s called tonal luminosity. It holds each radiant being within that space in an invisible infrastructure of angelic support. This continues for 6 months of daily renewal for the wind under your wings!

P.P.S. The 5-Day Sample-Preview series garnered this message:
“The walking meditation audio plus all of the relating prompts are great tools for shared growth and exploration. Exciting tools! … I do want to say that your prompts are powerful entry points because each person enters using his or her own experience, environment, and imagination… I do continue to unfold and deepen long after having participated in a circle…” (-DM, NM)

Play Your Practices

28 Day PlayGroup Includes First Harvest Cross-Quarter Seasonal Circle

You are invited, Beloved, to nourish deeply and rest into Infinite’s arms

28 Day PlayGroup: Rest into Infinite’s ArmsGive yourself the gift of self-nurturance as you integrate, deepen, and open to the next evolutionary arc that awaits you…as you rest into Infinite’s arms.

Putting my practices as a central focus, while really committing to being, doing, and tracking these, has been the source of an extraordinary shift in my being over the past few years. (As I consider, it’s been a far longer process than just the time I’ve tracked these practices …)

I want you to experience a similar burst of unfolding, emergence, and organic evolution! Because what this focus on my practices has brought into my life is a regular and ongoing connection to, an ability to relax into, and rest in, the arms of the Infinite.

17 July 2021 — First Quarter Moon

We are the creatress-co-creators we have been waiting for. We are the imaginal cells gathering to co-create the butterfly’s wings of a new reality. We are this, walking evolution’s arc.

Our practices become the lift, the wind under the (butterfly) wings of a flourishing new reality to lift off. It may seem counter-intuitive, but co-creation in this time starts from within each of us and ripples outward.

Gathering and sharing a play-field of intent over 28 days, anchoring the beginning and (almost) end of the 28 days via Zoom gathering, plus celebrating together the cross-quarter day, Lughnasadh, amplifies the ripples that emanate beyond us.

Calendar Details and Registration

Start Date: Friday, 23 July 2021
Honoring the full moon, your daily emailed inspirations start here.

First PlayGroup-only Gathering: Saturday, 24 July 2021
Noon Mountain Daylight Time for 60-75 minutes
Opening circle, honoring and anchoring Intent.

Lughnasadh Seasonal Circle: Saturday 7 August 2021
Noon Mountain Daylight Time for 90 minutes
Celebrating first harvest; open to others as well.

Second PlayGroup-only Gathering: Sunday 15 August 2021
Noon Mountain Daylight Time for 60-75 minutes
Closing circle to honor the continual flow and fluidity of the field of our practices.

End Date: Friday 19 August 2021
Concluding of 28-Day PlayGroup and final Daily Email Missive

In the Background: Belvaspata
Throughout the 28 days, you are invited to open to receive the blessings and radiant wholeness from my daily practice of Belvaspata.

Registration: $122 for this intensive deep dive into your own practices in a shared field of resonance and radiant support from many levels.
Link to register:

How often do we deepen into what we “know” to do, but don’t always manage to do?

This is what I call … #PracticeYourPractices … And now, #PlayYourPractices, since it’s time to lighten up! We each carry unique medicines or what one teacher calls your “Song of Self,” so each one’s practices will be different.

However …

By gathering, committing and devoting ourselves, and practicing together, we become a personal and community magnified field, one that emerges from each of us, from our collaborative co-creation circle, and out into the world. (It’s the source of new reality co-creation.)

What if … together … we could immerse in a field of support, gentle and accessible, in our own perfect timing, yet have touch-ins of community and invisible, invincible ongoing support for a span of eternal Now (in this case, for 28 days) under the blessing cycle of Mother Moon?

Why Me, Why Now:
Things unfurled for me differently these past couple of years by putting my Self and my personal practices into the center of the spiral “map” of life and work — while trusting and allowing the organic growth (and Infinite Intent) to “work me” and “work with me.”

What has become a regular occurrence:
Resting in the arms of the Infinite is becoming an embodied experience for me. I’ve not yet achieved this “always,” but I do feel it regularly almost every day, even if it’s not every moment of every day. 😉

I want to share with you the pure potentialities that can unfold when you lean into your practices, and experience them within this shared field of hope and blessings, our PlayGroup community.

Call such an experience connected support, transcendent being or intuitive knowing state — whatever it might be to you …

  • Would you like more of this?
  • Would you like a space to practice, amplify, refine, upgrade your practices?
  • Would you benefit from the strengthened inner connection that results?
  • Would you so love to experience an embodied sense of resting in Infinite’s arms?

What if …
Listening to /for /with your inner guidance, being with it, paying attention to it … what if THIS is what all those daily practices are “about?”  And then those practices become the “lift” to this outer emergence of co-creation?
(Hint: there’s a bigger picture to the “practices” that sometimes gets forgotten.)

What if … 
it doesn’t make a difference what your “practices” are? 
… and yet your personal practices can be refined or refreshed as YOU grow, develop, and become more of who you are, expressing more of that Essence of You, what I and one of my teachers sometimes call “expressing your Song of Self.”

In my experience, I’ve become convinced there are multiple paths “up the mountain” of awareness, increased consciousness, mindfulness, reverence, wonder, awe, oneness, transcendence, evolution, the emerging future, or whatever name you give it … And yet doing these practices, sparked by inspiration, and gathering together within community, amplifies the personal, circle, and results to the whole in ways beyond our reckoning.

While I will share my practices and perspectives about them in a PDF “menu” that’s included in this 28-day PlayGroup, it’s not about the particulars of what I do. I offer these as inspiration. 

Rather, this is a space for you to practice, refine, upgrade, fill your own well, and see where you land right now within your unique template of “practices.” Is it time for an upgrade? Are you in a “clean slate” place —
starting at a zero point?

How does this 28-Day PlayGroup Work? +
What might you experience?

In an experimental engagement between July 23-August 19, I am inviting you to play in this field, to #PracticeYourPractices and #PlayYourPractices, to explore, inquire, and then note down what you notice, observing what shifts by engaging within this alchemical chamber.

There will also be opportunities to ask questions, share practices, report on any results and refinements/upgrades via a private Facebook group.

28 Day PlayGroup: Rest into Infinite’s Arms  — from 23 July – 19 August — also encompasses Lughnasadh, the early August cross-quarter day of “first harvest.”

Each day over the next month, you will receive a boost of the “practical mystic” for growing and replenishing your Self from deep within.
Daily email missives may include one of the following:
* Audio centering/grounding meditation
* Audio visualization journey with prompts
* Divination card or rune reading, drawn with the intent to serve individuals within the whole
* Inspired image with message
* Trends and tidbits from archetypal influences, including moon & astrology wisdom
* Possibilities for refreshing or evolving your own daily practices
* Playing Lightning Dreamwork with dream incubation suggestions
(And know that all these love-missives will be archived and available to you, in your most perfect timing…)

Getting Together in our collaborative Co-Creation PlayGroup Community:
We will gather in the circle together. Recording will be available if these days/times are not optimal for you. Also recommended for re-listening and re-connecting with the energies and frequencies of our group, as well as with the shared centering.

NOON Mountain Daylight Time on …

* Saturday 24 July — Opening gathering to invoke and evoke our sacred space, honor our intent, and set out together

* Saturday 7 August  — Lughnasadh
Cross-quarter day in the wheel of the year, halfway between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox
This is included in the seasonal circle series and offers journeys and “sacred journaling” to become aware of your “first harvest.” What are you harvesting now? What seeds are you planting for your next harvest?)
This session will be available and open also to those not on this 28 day journey.

* Sunday, 15 August — We  gather to honor and bless our journey — no matter where we are with “completion,” since there isn’t really a finish line. Rather, we explore at this juncture the fluidity of time, of gathering, and of possibilities and activities that open the next portal, next evolution, next iteration as we stand at the liminal edge of the emerging future.

In the background: Belvaspata

The modality and field of radiant angelic wholeness, Belvaspata, received and expressed through the Seer Almine, is a daily practice for me. All those in the circle are held in this field of radiance for our time together — and beyond. I will hold at least three sessions of Belvaspata of the Song of the Self during the course of our 28 days.  (These are done asynchronously and offline, so there’s nothing you need to do but receive; no event you need to “show up for.”)

In addition to this, I do a Belvaspata daily maintenance practice each day, encompassing those in the circle during our time together and for an additional 6 months of support. (Think: Wind under your wings.)

The newly updated #PlayYourPractices Menu, a brief PDF where I share the backstory about my practices, how I think about practices by day, week, month,  plus space to develop your own template/menu that feeds, nourishes, and sustains you at your most optimal.

These are 28 days to self-nourish and engage with doing what you know to do … but don’t always manage to do … in sacred and intimate community, infused with self-compassion and enlivened through a powerful field of shared intent.

… All so that we can let go and rest into the arms of the Infinite. And this, even as we, together, co-create a new reality where all life flourishes.

(It’s a both-and, my friends.)

With infinite flows of compassion, love, and appreciation,


P.S. If this sounds delicious, please know that it’s a unique flavor, what a friend has dubbed “Bobbyelicious.”

This 28 Day PlayGroup: Rest into Infinite’s Arms is an experiment, and encompasses the seasonal circle Lughnasadh. This registration link includes the 28 day PlayGroup, as described above.

P.P.S. If you are called to engage with this deep work, yet this sacred exchange is not doable, please contact me directly so we can work something out.

Bobbye Middendorf
Inner Wisdom Guide

Spoken Word Alchemist  *  Dream Mentor 
 * Yin Arising Catalyst 
Mystic. Healer. Creator. Poet. Dreamer.

Bobbye Middendorf
About Bobbye

Bobbye Middendorf, MA, is an Inner Wisdom Guide, Dream Mentor, Spoken Word Alchemist, & Yin Arising Catalyst. Her work invites Evolutionaries, WayMakers, and Visionaries into sacred spaces for co-birthing new realities. She dances this evolutionary arc into manifestation with Conscious Creators, Change Catalysts, and Dreamers as dreamer-mystic-poet-healer-collagist. Her synergistic process-work alchemizes what is in the way, so the radiant beings in her community can BE home-for-self. With that, new potentialities emerge, and each radiant Song of Self comes through in fullest expression. Together we are the imaginal cells gathering, co-creating new realities where all life flourishes.


Bobbye “… has an unusual ability to hold space by carefully tending to the creation of a safe and deep container, through the patience and holding of her deep listening and through her caring wisdom. The result is that one sees oneself and one’s situation more clearly, more fully, and with more compassion.”

MD, Ontario, Canada

“Your beautiful words and centering took me beyond words.”

NFS, Hudson River Valley, NY

“If you had asked me, I would have told you that I am absolutely not coachable (a character flaw, I always thought). I also didn’t know how to dream. Working with Bobbye is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. First there are the Aha! moments, which happen pretty much all the time. While I am still immersed in her warm and supporting energy they feel breathtaking and deeply personal. Then, a couple of days later that same epiphany has already become so much a part of my new reality that I am not sure if anything had really happened. Wasn’t this always a part of me? And then one day after many of these times when nothing much seemed to have happened, I look around and realize that my entire life, my perspective, my set of tools for coping and growing and co-creating, are not at all the same anymore, that they are changed to a degree I wouldn’t have known to even ask for. I am changed and my environment around me has been changed as a result. Dreaming and creating The Impossible Dream is becoming part of my every day. The incredible thing is that she never tells you what or how to do or think. Not ever. She somehow guides you to that place deep inside you where your own personal answers are. Bobbye with her golden voice, brilliant inner guidance and powerful “tool satchel” is indeed making the world a better place. Bobbye, I don’t have the words to sufficiently express my awe and my gratitude.”


The experience with Bobbye “… brought new light to something that has stymied me for decades! After I shared what I could articulate about the focus of my query, you offered one reflection that gave me an entirely different way to explore this blindspot that had frustrated me for so long.”


…your practice of being in the presence of energetic forces, trusting them, learning from them, communing with them, sharing them, continues to teach and inspire me… Your unique example continues to invite me to trust and to acknowledge the many layers of growth that continue to evolve in my being…”

–D.M., NM

“…your presentation really stood out for me. Because yours was unique in guiding through an inner experience… even in a limited amount of time you created a spacious and deep experience that was truly beautiful.”

–T.L., NY