Summer Solstice Gathering

Connect to your inner wisdom & expression

Monday’s (6-7-21) waning crescent at pre-dawn.
What is ready to come through you and out — into being part of #NewRealityCoCreation emerging in this moment?!
This is our living edge of possibilities, co-creation, and evolution all woven together.


Marking the seasonal turning points and their “cross quarter” day midpoints by gathering together in community continues to be a living source of joy for me.  Thank you for doing me the honor of showing up — ready, willing, able — to play in a field of radical wholeness as we have done regularly for two years now.

That also allows me to welcome you to the 2-year-anniversary of my offering these seasonal turning point gatherings! To me, our gatherings feel both purposeful and delightful. I hope you feel similarly inspired — in however your unique flavor expresses.

The year’s cycle moves toward our mid-Summer (Northern Hemisphere) celebration, the longest day, Summer Solstice.  Our 2021 Summer Pre-Solstice Circle is gathering. It’s also interesting to consider that in many traditions, the “eve” of various turning point days is also considered a powerful space. That’s where we will play this time.

Is your name on one of the cushions? Are you ready to have your Presence grace the circle and amplify its co-creative intent?

Celebrate this seasonal turning of the eons … plus celebrate with me 2 years of offering seasonal sacred journaling circles. These continue to connect you within, to an inner journey space.

It’s devoted space-time for self nurturing and self-inquiry within this potent upgrade-moment that we are in right now…

For your calendar
Saturday, 19 June 2021 —
Celebrate the Solstice on Summer-Solstice-Eve (Northern Hemisphere)
NOON – 1:30 MDT                    

You can start now if you are called and this speaks to your heart! For this pre-Solstice time offers a unique window of opportunity to consciously explore and inquire…
* What inner #HeartFire, what inner eternal flame, burns most deeply?
* What speaks to you for release, birthing, emergence — that’s been tucked into your heart and your creator’s core forever?
* Remember the eternal flows of the One Life, and ask, “What’s next? What’s for Now? What’s the “more” that continues to be revealed?
* Where and when have I abandoned the present moment?
* And … How can I bring my attention, intention, devotion, and reverent awareness back here to magnify life’s blooming?

We will pick up (and weave!) these threads at the Pre-Solstice Sacred Circle!
Feel into the possibilities that arise anew when you …
> get centered and grounded within your inner sanctum …
> when you turn within for deep listening …
> when you gather your inner gems with noticing, writing, drawing, composing, … and then sharing (optional, and if you choose) …

all within a sacred circle of safety and radiance.

Truly, our gathering shifts the tide in ways we can never know.

Our Gathering-Presence co-creates a new reality. Trust this.
What will you weave into your #NewRealityCoCreation?

Please check within, if this transmission speaks to you… then contact me (via messenger or via email) if you need more details and want to register. ❤

If you already know me and the transformative space-holding of my work, maybe you are ready to register… Here is the link to do so.
Link to pay-from-the-heart in sacred exchange: Click Here.

Details to register
Link to pay-from-the-heart in sacred exchange.
See details below if you would like guidance around how to do this.

If you would like guidance around the sacred exchange:

  • $15. minimum if that is possible for you without impinging on necessities; (otherwise, contact me directly)
  • $25 as the basic registration for this seasonal circle. A higher amount supports others for whom the basic registration is not affordable.
  • With $75 or more, you receive a 1-on-1 session to explore your evolutionary continuum for getting clear on your “breadcrumb path…” (AKA, What’s next?!) …
    [This is an experimental experience…More details to come.]
  • After you register via this PayPal link, you will receive acknowledgement and the Zoom link to connect on 19 JUNE.
    (However, it’s all done artisanally– by me– so it’s not instantaneous.)

With love and appreciation,

P.S. What is included: In addition to the circle, with its centerings, visualization journeys, prompts, space-time for connecting to inner wisdom, flows of self-replenishment + celebration in community; and the recordings to revisit these processes at any time … I offer a sacred space-holding  energy+frequency practice called Belvaspata. This modality holds the circle and all participants in an angelic wholeness from the heart. This is followed by 6 months of daily maintenance support from this angelic field.

Bobbye Middendorf
Inner Wisdom Guide

* Spoken Word Alchemist  *  Dream Mentor 
* Yin Arising Catalyst 
Mystic. Healer. Creator. Poet. Dreamer.

Bobbye Middendorf

Bobbye Middendorf, MA, is an Inner Wisdom Guide, Dream Mentor, Spoken Word Alchemist, & Yin Arising Catalyst. Her work invites Evolutionaries, WayMakers, and Visionaries into sacred spaces for co-birthing new realities. She dances this evolutionary edge into manifestation with Conscious Creators, Change Catalysts, and Dreamers as dreamer-mystic-poet-healer-collagist. Her synergistic process-work alchemizes what is in the way, so the radiant beings in her community can BE home-for-self. With that, new potentialities emerge, and each radiant Song of Self comes through in fullest expression. Together we are the imaginal cells gathering, co-creating new realities where all life flourishes.

Bobbye “… has an unusual ability to hold space by carefully tending to the creation of a safe and deep container, through the patience and holding of her deep listening and through her caring wisdom. The result is that one sees oneself and one’s situation more clearly, more fully, and with more compassion.”

MD, Ontario, Canada

“Your beautiful words and centering took me beyond words.”

NFS, Hudson River Valley, NY

“If you had asked me, I would have told you that I am absolutely not coachable (a character flaw, I always thought). I also didn’t know how to dream. Working with Bobbye is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. First there are the Aha! moments, which happen pretty much all the time. While I am still immersed in her warm and supporting energy they feel breathtaking and deeply personal. Then, a couple of days later that same epiphany has already become so much a part of my new reality that I am not sure if anything had really happened. Wasn’t this always a part of me? And then one day after many of these times when nothing much seemed to have happened, I look around and realize that my entire life, my perspective, my set of tools for coping and growing and co-creating, are not at all the same anymore, that they are changed to a degree I wouldn’t have known to even ask for. I am changed and my environment around me has been changed as a result. Dreaming and creating The Impossible Dream is becoming part of my every day. The incredible thing is that she never tells you what or how to do or think. Not ever. She somehow guides you to that place deep inside you where your own personal answers are. Bobbye with her golden voice, brilliant inner guidance and powerful “tool satchel” is indeed making the world a better place. Bobbye, I don’t have the words to sufficiently express my awe and my gratitude.”


The experience with Bobbye “… brought new light to something that has stymied me for decades! After I shared what I could articulate about the focus of my query, you offered one reflection that gave me an entirely different way to explore this blindspot that had frustrated me for so long.”


…your practice of being in the presence of energetic forces, trusting them, learning from them, communing with them, sharing them, continues to teach and inspire me… Your unique example continues to invite me to trust and to acknowledge the many layers of growth that continue to evolve in my being…”

–D.M., NM

“…your presentation really stood out for me. Because yours was unique in guiding through an inner experience… even in a limited amount of time you created a spacious and deep experience that was truly beautiful.”

–T.L., NY