September Greetings from your Write Synergies Guru!

In this issue:
*Blog Milestone
*<Time Sensitive> Web Site Creation Workshop
Registration tomorrow!
*<Time Sensitive> Self Employment Telesummit
Starts this week!
*<Time Sensitive> No Cost Call for
Family Caregivers
*Tuesday Writing Circles

Blog Milestone
= = = = = = = = =

Just realized that my August 21 post,
honoring my beloved fur child, was my
100th post. Interesting milestone content…
Many thanks to those who have journeyed
with me on this path.

Thanks also to so many of you who
sent kind words on our family’s loss.
I truly appreciate your caring notes!

If you didn’t see my tribute,
you can read it here:

Back To Learning
= = = = = = = = =

Even if you think “back to school”
doesn’t apply to you, please reconsider.
If you need to write and are in business
for yourself, the opportunities to learn
and expand on your expertise and results
are a crucial part of growth and success.
As my mentors Judith and Jim like to point
out, you have to grow yourself in order to
grow your business. That is true for your
writing as well.

I so enjoy sharing resources, colleagues,
and classes that have had a profound and
positive impact on me and my work. I can’t
help but recommend these folks who provide
serious value. The  following resources
can make a difference in your business!

<Time Sensitive>
Christina Hills’
Web Site Creation Workshop
= = = = = = = = =

Doors open tomorrow morning for the famed
Web Site Creation Workshop with Christina
Hills. Learn more by reading at my blog:

Or go here to get on the early notification list.
(Early sign-ups are eligible for bonus gifts.)

<Time Sensitive>
Molly Gordon’s
Self Employment Telesummit
= = = = = = = = =

Molly Gordon is starting her Self-Employment
Telesummit this week, and there’s still
time to register. The experts that she’s
gathered will help even the most reluctant
“Accidental Entrepreneurs” overcome the
fears around being in business while taking
focused action.

One of the big problems with
these kinds of group presentation events
is that they often end with information
overload. Molly is taking care of that —
by helping participants to integrate all
the great information from the workshops
via integration sessions that she will

(And YES! She is an awesome facilitator!)

Go here for info:

OR if you’d like to read what I
posted on my blog, go here:

The Self Employment Telesummit is
designed by self-employed
people for self-employed people
to end the epidemic of
under-earning among heart-centered
professionals. Only
3 days left to sign up.

<Time Sensitive>
Betty L. Smith’s
Free Family Caregivers Call
= = = = = = = = =

Author, coach and speaker,
Betty L. Smith, is one of my clients.
If you or any of your loved ones are
faced with the stresses of
being a family caregiver,
then Betty’s free call on Saturday,
September 18 at 9AM Pacific may be
a good fit. She is celebrating
September’s “Healthy Aging Month”
with a free phone call to help family
caregivers increase their health and well-being.

Go here to learn more about Betty’s
free call for family caregivers:

(To register for the free call,
you will find the sign-up box at the
bottom of that page.)

The above are links to resources and
colleagues who have made a difference to me.
Please explore their messages to see if
these are a fit for you at this time.
If you do choose to purchase, I will
receive a referral fee. Please understand
that these are people I really respect, who are
providing work that has helped me.  I
highly recommend them even if I didn’t receive

Tuesday Writing Circles
= = = = = = = = =

Chicago-area writers!
(Write in the Garden, weather permitting!)
Gather your resources and start to share
the gifts and sacred stories that are
why you are here. I am offering an
in-person sacred writing circle for
an intimate group on four Tuesdays
(21 and 28 Sept; 5 and 12 Oct).
Cost: $125.
Email me for more details.

I help visionary authors and writers,
and world-changing soul-preneurs. You need to
connect to your tribes/communities with
WORDS — to share your healing
messages and stories so that people “get it.”

Time Sensitive Web Site Creation Workshop

Doors Open on Tuesday Sept 14, at 8AM Eastern for Web Site Creation Workshop!

On Tuesday my mentor and teacher of all things WordPress, Christina Hills, opens the doors for registering for her highly popular WordPress Web Site Creation Workshop (including creating your web presence without a webmaster.)

Here’s the early  notification link.
Or here:
She has some bonuses for the first few folks who register!

Christina has created some fun videos, (see links below) but more importantly, she shares a sample of her teaching approach. Go here to get a taste of her style and presentation and get a jump on your web site design:

Fast & Easy Website Design with WordPress Themes

or copy and paste this link:

Then if it’s a fit, I would appreciate if you’d register through my link. Christina overdelivers BIG TIME. I highly recommend you explore this sample class.

I wanted to let you know that tomorrow (Tuesday, September 14th)
at 8:00 am Eastern,  Christina Hills is opening
the doors for her Website Creation Workshop.

If you want to be able to quickly and easily create professional
looking websites, without having to know any HTML or difficult graphics software programs, then you really need to take Christina’s workshop.

Christina has been giving out some great videos on her website
over the past couple of weeks. I wanted to share these links
in case you missed them, or haven’t yet seen them:

Fast & Easy Website Design with WordPress Themes

And here are some fun videos from Christina too…

The WordPress of Oz – The Tornado

The WordPress of Oz – The Wicked Webmaster

The WordPress of Oz – Dorothy & The Scarecrow

SPECIAL NOTE: Christina will be opening the doors an hour early
(8:00 am Eastern) only to those people on her
early email notification list which you can sign up for at

Christina has a special bonus planned for the first few people who sign up
for her workshop, so you definitely will want to be on her early
notification list.

Christina really is a first-class teacher. For less than it costs
to hire a webmaster one time and build only one website
for you, Christina will empower you to build as many websites as
you want for your business or personal passions.

Check out the great stuff on Christina’s blog right now, and be
ready tomorrow at 8:00 Eastern,
Tuesday, September 14th when registration opens for the Website
Creation Workshop.

Bobbye Middendorf
The Write Synergies Guru

P.S. Be sure to get on the early notification list and get a
chance at the special limited quantity bonus Christina has
planned for tomorrow at

Blown Away Blog Challenge 30 of 30 The Peeps Edition

Blown Away 1: Todd
I didn’t even think about winning a contest when I used (some of) the social media tools I’ve gotten more comfortable with over the past month to spread the word about Todd Temaat‘s “Win Your Local Market” contest. He was looking to generate interest in his work and his upcoming training/membership program.

I was speechless when I heard I’d won his incredibly valuable grand prize of two months of his coaching for communicating all things local online. I literally couldn’t even process the news. Thank you Todd. I look forward to participating in your magical process. And, I think it’s sometimes tough for local market-focused people to “get” all that they can actually do with social media. Many are in the beginning stages, and the steps of your contest might have seemed daunting for someone not already somewhere in the stream already.

Blown Away 2 – ??

Can’t even count all the pleasures and friendships that have grown up over the past month from #blog30 community that grew up around the 30 Day blogging challenge. Of course, to start, there’s the incomparable Connie Ragan Green herself, the woman who convened, gathered, and offered the #blog30 group a “home base” throughout. She’s an inspiring, self-made empire builder who wants to help others build lots of other empires!

Then I connected with writing maven Debra Marrs who started the #blog30 challenge. It worked so well that she got so busy with clients that she didn’t finish. Her encouragement out of the starting gate really fueled me in those early days when I didn’t “know” anyone else. (We’d met through Christina Hills’ Web Site Creation Workshop.)

Can’t even say where to begin to thank all the remarkable people I’ve shared the past month with. Some I’ve gotten to know better than others, but each of you is remarkable, as a person, entrepreneur, and a creator. Thank you. I look forward to staying connected and deepening the conversations as we proceed onward. Hope to see some of you on the June #blog30 under the guidance of Dr. Jeannette Cates.

When in Southern California, I know I have a second home with Melanie Kissell and all the love from the Solo Mompreneur crew. Her heart is bigger than the state of California.

When headed to the East coast, to South Carolina, there’s storyteller and businesswoman extraordinaire, Jeanne Kolenda. Jeanne’s stories are alchemical transformations of everyday life to something  more. She’s partnered in biz with Sue White (on Twitter as @WhiteSue )

Greetings to Terrie Wurzbacher in San Antonio, a warm-hearted doc sharing the wisdom from universal laws at

My new go-to techXpert: @MyWebGal, Deb Augur, in Washington state.

Heather Bestel in Scotland shows us all how to move from mad dash to organised simplicity with great warmth and charm.

New friends, resources, experts, supporters — Many thanks to all who commented, retweeted, posted, and generally spread the great energy as part of the #blog30  including

Martha Giffen, online maven extraordinaire.

Marcia Hoeck, for all things breakthrough for your  business.

Geoff Hoff, writer’s writer w/ a theatrical flair.

Piotr Krzyzek on marketing and social media.

With gratitude to Annette Nack for her part in the 30 Day blog challenge.

Get fit with 50 and Fit founder, Kazi

Meet Vernon Harleston on The High Road

Find all things health with the All-health expert Robert Britt

Get happy with Happiness Guru Evelyn Roberts Brooks

Where to go for innovation ideas? Innovation Expert Steve Sponseller

Thanks to Gwen Tanner who is inspiring me to reshape my offerings in her role as  @ecoursemaster.

Kudos to Helen Raptoplous an energetic proponent of Moving your Business Forward: Action Habits that Matter Most.

Acknowledging Janet Eisenbise from Coach4LifeChange, sharing insights with grace and wisdom.

Oh, my.  Loving apologies for omissions and those I haven’t caught up with this time. Let’s connect in the follow-on #blog30–coming in June and hosted by Dr. Jeannette Cates! And it will use the same twitter #blog30 hashtag! Thanks to everyone for your support!!

Web Site Creation and Fun Videos

It’s been just over one year since I started generating an online presence for myself. A blogging platform seemed ideal, since I wanted to be able to share a variety of content. WordPress has been a dream to work with.

A big part of finally getting a web presence was the teaching and training I received last spring from Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop. She’s doing it again. As an alum, I’m going through the class again. There’s so much to learn, and Christina is constantly upgrading her course and her own personal knowledge.  It’s great to get reminders about what to do and how to do things on my site.

Last fall, she made some cool promotional videos riffing off Julia Child.  This year, the amusing video series promo is built around Alice in WordPress Land.

What follows are some of the fun links to the videos in Christina’s collection. She makes the class as fun as the promos, so it’s a can’t miss opportunity.  I’ll be there and hoping to see you too.

To check out the videos, click the links below.

And this one is Alice meeting some talking flowers [oops! You can see on this one, I forgot to give it an identifying name!]

In this one, Alice comes across the Tweedles:

By the way, these links include my affiliate code. I really believe in the value of this course and strongly recommend it to those who want to take control of their online presence and be able to put up their own content without the headaches of waiting around for a webmaster.  If you do make a purchase, I will receive a referral fee.

Technophobes Love Web Site Creation Workshop

To give credit where credit is due, I’m long past due in thanking Christina Hills for giving me the impetus to come out of the closet and actually start creating my online presence.  I took her Website Creation Workshop (WSCW) last spring, and that empowered me take some baby steps.  If you want to take control of your web presence, check this out:

Now, one of the remarkable benefits offered by this generous and patient teacher is that past students can retake the class. So, I’m going to be there when Web Site Creation Workshop starts up again next week. If you haven’t experienced Christina’s magical step-by-step and practical hands-on teaching style, you will be absolutely delighted.  She’s closing  registration on Friday afternoon (5pm Eastern time!).

Technophobes love Christina and WSCW. Anyone who is frustrated with trying to get something done through a webmaster will find a welcome and refreshing relief.  Many even “fire” their webmasters.  If you’re wondering if there’s an easier way to make yourself  visible online, I recommend you check it out and sign up if it speaks to you.  Cut to the chase with this  shortcut!

While Christina has been in final preparation for
this workshop, she has been giving out some great
stuff on her blog.

Webinar Replay – How WordPress Can Be Used in Your Biz

Answers to the Top 53 Questions on WordPress

Funny Video: What? Julia Child is Cooking Up Websites?

Funny Video: Julia Child is Back Cooking Up a Blog Post!

How I Made My First WordPress Website in 15 Minutes

For what it would take you to hire a webmaster one time,
to build only one website for you, Christina will empower
you to build as many websites as you want for your business
or personal passion.

So go now and get registered for the 8 module training.

I’ll see you in the course!

Answers to WordPress Questions — Tonight!

Open Q&A Webinar "Radio" Show Tonight

There's a free webinar on WordPress happening tonight!

It's an "Open Q&A" webinar to answer any remaining
questions you may have about using WordPress as your
The link here is for tonight's webinar:

And on this call, Christina Hills,
my teacher and mentor for hands-on WordPress training, will answer any
remaining questions you have about taking the Website
Creation Workshop.  

-----------Webinar Info------------------------
Date: Thursday, September 17th
Time: 8:00pm Eastern/ 5:00pm Pacific
Duration: 70-90 minutes

Get the Phone Number and webinar info here:

(Note you can listen on your computer, or the phone)

Christina got the idea to do this from the funny Linus and Lucy
cartoon of the "Peanuts" that she posted on her blog a couple
of days ago:

Well, she promises that her "radio show" won't be quite as
goofy as that clip, but it should be a lot of fun.

I want you to feel confident in making your decision to
join her in the 8 module workshop that starts next Tuesday.
(As an alum of the course, I'll be there too!)

Today and tomorrow is the last day to get registered for
the workshop.
(here is the registration link for the FULL  8 module course )


Bobbye Middendorf
The Write Synergies Guru
[Click below to register for the full workshop.]