Web Site Creation and Fun Videos

It’s been just over one year since I started generating an online presence for myself. A blogging platform seemed ideal, since I wanted to be able to share a variety of content. WordPress has been a dream to work with.

A big part of finally getting a web presence was the teaching and training I received last spring from Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop. She’s doing it again. As an alum, I’m going through the class again. There’s so much to learn, and Christina is constantly upgrading her course and her own personal knowledge.  It’s great to get reminders about what to do and how to do things on my site.

Last fall, she made some cool promotional videos riffing off Julia Child.  This year, the amusing video series promo is built around Alice in WordPress Land.

What follows are some of the fun links to the videos in Christina’s collection. She makes the class as fun as the promos, so it’s a can’t miss opportunity.  I’ll be there and hoping to see you too.

To check out the videos, click the links below.


And this one is Alice meeting some talking flowers
http://cli.gs/4tzbyN [oops! You can see on this one, I forgot to give it an identifying name!]

In this one, Alice comes across the Tweedles:

By the way, these links include my affiliate code. I really believe in the value of this course and strongly recommend it to those who want to take control of their online presence and be able to put up their own content without the headaches of waiting around for a webmaster.  If you do make a purchase, I will receive a referral fee.