Seasonal Circles for 2022

2022 Seasonal Circle dates to immerse into connection with Earth’s seasons in partnership with your own inner wisdom.

Save the Dates to Immerse in the Mystery & Tap Into Your Deep Why

Sunlight on the Nile, flowing, traversing from within a sacred craft, and a life-ring… Thus do our seasonal circles gather all the ancient magic and support, reconstituting it all as lifesaving practices.

“Take the risk of telling a new story, dreaming a new dream, reimagining the soul and its purpose, weaving new cloth.”

Lorna Bevan, Hare in the Moon

Truly, we stand at a pivot point. Beyond what appears on the surface, depths call. Now, more than ever, gathering in a sacred circle, recognizing and collecting our inner wisdom, and sharing within an intimate and safe space — these are the things to “do” that propel our beingness to new octaves and shift the outer trajectory most powerfully.

The seasonal circle gatherings are also deeply replenishing. Taking time and giving yourself the spaciousness to receive — renewal, resting, restoring …

At the core of it all, it’s about Being — and yet the action (“doing”) of coming together brings completely fresh and greatly amplified valences of possibilities into expression.

This expression is likely to be surprising, show up in unexpected ways… and not look like what you’ve been told or thinking it would be. This is new reality co-creation, a re-constellating out of what-has-been. These radical changes are ushering in new potentials…

There IS a New Way

It is being born, birthed through our gathering in a co-creative and shared sacred field. Then it ripples from our sphere’s centerpoint of shared HeartFire Magic. Emanating from that centerpoint, immense potentials sweep like waves into the field of new reality co-creating and re-constellating itself.

At the heart of it all is self-loving, self nurturance; new levels of self-acceptance and radical ways of self-cherishing and self-seeing beyond what we have ever experienced before.

I invite you to experience yourself in new ways in the upcoming Seasonal Circles. In this time that Jean Houston calls “between the parentheses,” we are called to live in the mystery and swim in paradox. Are you up for it?

Are you up for surfing the waves of the unknown, the unknowable, the unfathomable — all with a spirit of adventure, wild-hearted curiosity, and deep surrendered trust that Life has your back?

… While at the same time, you build your own inner muscles of self-trust,
tune into and live from your inner wisdom, and hold
your sweet self in deepest self-cherishing & self-nurturing …

Would you like a safe field/playground and practice space to strengthen the inner muscles to be able to navigate new waters in a completely new way?

Ultimately, it will be YOUR way. But — traveling with a trustworthy guide and kindred beings can give you experiences that reinforce and bring forward what is already within you. What you already “know” on somatic, liminal levels — perhaps invisible and latent — can nevertheless be accessed and unlocked. It’s potent, present, timely, and called forth now — from deep within and into outer expression.


  • 5 February, Saturday — Imbolc*
  • 19 March, Saturday — Vernal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)
  • 7 May, Saturday — Beltaine*
  • 18 June, Saturday — (Pre-) Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)
  • 6 August, Saturday — Lughnasadh*
  • 25 September, SUNDAY — Autumnal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)
  • 5 November, Saturday — Samhain*
  • >>>>> 18 December, Sunday — Winter Solstice Celebration
    (Northern Hemisphere)

These are the dates of our celebratory seasonal circles, which are all scheduled at NOON Mountain Time for 90 minutes.
Time in your world?
Our gatherings wink at the exact point of Solstice or Equinox and “exact midpoint” for the *cross-quarter days vs. when they are commonly noted.

The seasonal circles are again offered in sacred exchange from-the-heart. It is also possible to register for all remaining seasonal circles, either all together or one at a time. (We are coming up to the final circle for Winter Solstice.)

Within these sacred seasonal gatherings,
we are reconnecting with a living Ancient-Future
from this present moment of Now.

For your expansive consideration and greater context, this message from the site, may shed some light:

“…we proceed through 8 significant, yet invisible, thresholds within each [Earth] orbit. These spatial milestones mark the beginning, midpoint and end of each of our seasons. Equinoxes, Solstices and Cross Quarters are moments shared planet-wide, defined by the earth’s tilt and the sun’s position on The Ecliptic along 45° arcs.”

Accessed on 13 Jan 2022 from

What’s Included
As always, you can come to the live Zoom experience, plus receive follow-up messages to the gatherings — including all Zoom recordings, recaps of the prompts, and of course centering meditations, grounding practices, and visioning journeys. These are yours to re-use/re-listen to any time you feel the wobble of our times — so you can return to your centered-self.

In addition, the circle and those who come to play are all held for 6 months in the field of radiant angelic wholeness, Belvaspata, the energy-frequency healing modality that I practice to uplift each one of us and all life.

So if the timing isn’t ideal or something comes up, you are invited to the circle-gathering experience asynchronously, alive in your present moment of Now.

All who sign up receive the follow-up message with links within a day or so — shortly after the event.

If you’ve experienced how deep you can go and the many ways these gatherings serve you, I invite you to consider … to feel into, for yourself, the unique potency of gathering with me and this group of kindred beings.

Don’t miss Winter Solstice —
From the dark, light returns

The FINAL Seasonal Circle of 2022 —
Winter Solstice Celebration

& will be held on SUNDAY 18 December at NOON Mountain Time.

With this being the final 2022 gathering, you will sign up for this gathering by itself, in sacred exchange. For 2022, $24 is the suggested registration for one circle at a time, or more or less as you feel inspired. Just click the link below with your registration. If this amount is not do-able without hardship, you are welcome to offer what you can, from the heart, at this link.
Connect via this PayPal Link.

I send much love and many blessings on your journey!

What they experience …

“Working with Bobbye is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. … there are the Aha! moments, which happen pretty much all the time. … they feel breathtaking and deeply personal. Then … that same epiphany has already become so much a part of my new reality that I am not sure if anything really happened. Wasn’t this always a part of me? … after many of these times when nothing much seemed to have happened, I look around and realize that my entire life, my perspective, my set of tools for coping and growing and co-creating, are not at all the same anymore, that they are changed to a degree I wouldn’t have known to even ask for. I am changed and my environment around me has been changed as a result. Dreaming and creating The Impossible Dream is becoming part of my every day.
The incredible thing is that she never tells you what or how to do or think. Not ever. She somehow guides you to that place deep inside you where your own personal answers are. Bobbye with her golden voice, brilliant inner guidance and powerful “tool satchel” is indeed making the world a better place. Bobbye, I don’t have the words to sufficiently express my awe and my gratitude.”