Heart and the Art of Marketing

Marketing is a way of getting the word out and building relationships.  To take it to a grander scale, marketing is all about building community.  If you feel challenged in expressing your gifts, if marketing is a dirty word, or at least it doesn’t come naturally, then here’s help.

Express your gifts’ value to others authentically, align your marketing messages with who you really are, and you will be creating the connections that resonate with your perfect readers (audience/clients/customers). That authentic connection is what your perfect people are seeking.

Think about it: What if they can only hear it from you? Now is the time to hone and refine your message and your voice to make the connections that your audience needs to hear–as only you can do it — from YOUR heart.

Authentic artful and heart-full communications that resonate with your perfect clients, customers, readers, and listeners are like the “magic wand” that can magnetically attract your perfect audience.

The art of marketing communication (copywriting, strategy, relationship-building) success hinges on you excavating and honing your authentic voice with a message that is aligned with who you are, expresses the heart of your project, and then can connect with your perfect audience.

It starts with a simple realization: All things being equal, people generally choose to do business with people they know, like, and trust.  In fact, they are often most attracted to people most like themselves.  What this means is that the more clearly you express YOU, the heart and soul of your venture or project, then the more likely you’ll connect with your perfect people.

If you are a visionary conscious creator, writer, soul-preneur, author, speaker, artist, or healer, then getting clear on who you are and what makes you tick can be the single greatest and most profound piece of marketing you can do to ensure your success and the long-term success of your project.