Happy Lunar New Year — Seed Your Intent!


Last Saturday, we gathered to open a portal into the Wheel of the Year, 2024, during Imbolc Season. We seeded intent within a resonant community.
Together, our space entrains and supports each one to glean
Inner Wisdom that leads to flourishing for Self and all Life.

Today, 9 February, marks a powerful New Moon in Aquarius and the
beginning of the Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon.

Everything is up to play with, reframe, up-level, reinvent, and bring
into flourishing newness beyond the eons-old illusions of separation.
We can choose to be up to BIG things … while making tiny adjustments —
that shift one friend calls, “Small Hinges Move Big Doors.”

Even micro-changes Sourced from within, when done
with purest intent and heart-infused attention, create
ripples of such shifts into greater flourishing for self and all life
WAY beyond what we’ve ever imagined.

A powerful starting point, and it’s not too late, is to connect
with last week’s gathering in your own most Divine Timing.

Our Imbolc sacred circle focused on:
planting the seeds of your most cherished devotions,
so the potency remains relevant and powerful.
Especially in this #NewMoonField!!

Perhaps you even feel a commitment to travel this
Quest journey, to step into the entire Wheel of the Year with us.

There’s a whole cascade of new messages and approaches emerging.
Translated: There’s a lot I am being called to share more explicitly in 2024.
My capacities include holding such safe and sacred spaces as
companion and CoCreator with you on this Quest.
(as well as companioning your journey 1-on-1 if you choose).

Please tune within and feel into: Are you feeling called to join this
deep inner exploration and self-evolution?

If so, consider …
All of 2024!
You can receive the Imbolc gathering with its seed-planting focus,
(the full replay package from our gathering) along with the rest
of 2024’s sacred circles. Please use the following link:
Register for 2024’s 8 seasonal circles here:

To sign up to receive Imbolc-only (SEED-Planting) as a repla
2024’s suggested <<In Sacred Exchange From The Heart >> is $30
for a single circle.
You are welcome to offer another amount that is do-able for you
without hardship– above or below that threshold– to support this
emerging sacred temple space.
Link to pay and register for
mbolc only
One-circle-at-a-time in Sacred Exchange from the Heart:


With love and appreciation,

The full invitation to 2024:

For you and/or if you are willing to share with friends for whom this feels resonant:

(And by the way, a Flourishing You is not a selfish thing to embody!)

Bobbye Middendorf
Inner Wisdom Keeper

Spoken Word Alchemist * Dream Mentor
Vision Midwife * Yin Arising Catalyst
Mystic. Healer. Creator. Poet. Dreamer.
BEACON…for CoCreators Dreaming in a New Reality Where All Life Flourishes

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