30 Day Blogging Challenge to Jump-Start My Book

OK, so here goes: My friend Connie Ragan Green is doing another of her 30-day blogging challenges. I’m stepping up to it this time around because I have a book to develop and create.  To read more about the challenge, here’s a link to Connie’s post, along with some great tips to connect through social media for building an audience:


So, why am I taking up the challenge right now?  In a related vein, (I’m a writer, after all!) I am starting a three-month mentoring program to get my book (long anticipated in its planning stages and long incomplete) into some serious forward momentum.  I’ve been challenged by my Book Breakthrough coaches, Elizabeth Marshall (yes, she of Author Teleseminar fame) and Janet Goldstein (NY publishing uber-consultant) to start to feed out into the universe the ideas, nuggets, processes, and philosophy that will make up the underpinning of Write Synergies, as the book is tentatively titled. (You might notice a commonality with my web site… 😉

I was pleasantly affirmed today during the monthly meeting of Entrepreneur Group (facilitated by long-time Chicago-area career coach, Robin Sheerer), to learn that “synergies” is the word that expresses the process that people experience when they work with me.

So, part of the plan over these 30 days at the blog is to continue to develop the ideas for the book and start to put them out in a more public way. Hidden away in my notebook, they aren’t especially useful to anyone. This is one way to share the wisdom — and to get some feedback loops going!

Since this dear project has been hanging around for awhile in many iterations, this new version is still finding its way and its content. Stay tuned and be part of the process!