Don’t Take Action

What if taking action actually took you off course? And what can you do before you “take action” that will align your actions with the greater essence of your being?

While it may look, sound, taste, smell, and feel like “action” that’s familiar and you’ve always known (and acted from), what’s most commonly done in “taking action” in the world is too often wheel-spinning. Too often what we’ve always known about action (and done about it) is ultimately a lot of thrashing about, not going anywhere.


We live in a world that is biased toward bold action — like that old, tired saying, “Ready. Fire. Aim.” For most of us, most of the time, action without the grounding cord and spiritual connection to a source of energy beyond (or within) you, leads to a lot of smoke and very little fire. (Or more dangerously, in the ready/fire/aim model, bullets that go off course and create destruction and chaos.)

With this empty form of “action,” nothing lasts. Nothing of substance comes from it. The action takes you nowhere and leaves you depleted. Empty. Disillusioned. Or worst of all, it takes you and your personal energy off course. Off purpose. And you wonder, “What happened? Wasn’t I taking action?”

Some kind of “action” may be necessary, but action alone is not sufficient. So what comes before action?

What if you knew —- from the deepest part of you —- that the deepest longing and inner yearning you hold is already whole, complete and present in your life? From before the beginning of time, it is fully present and with you in every moment. In every cell, molecule, and atom of your Being in its greatest and fullest sense. What would knowing this (and living from it) change for you in terms of “taking action?”

Energetically, you are a divine radiant being filled with divine light and divine love. On some level you know this. The “great conspiracy” is the forgetting of this fact of your soul’s birthright. We are at a place and time for waking up into this level of profound knowing of the ultimate ground of reality: We are all one. We are all connected. Consciousness is the essential fuel of us and the entire universe. Taking “action” from within the consciousness of our greater connection magnifies the love, the creation, the compassion, in an expanding circle of positive reverberations throughout the universe.

Consciousness — the I AM — the pure essence of divine love is the animating spark of the universe — and it is our essential nature. You and I share this essence. We are it, and it is you. This is what connects us all —all the children of all the species across all universes, space, and time.  It’s the common currency of creation-creator-process of creation. Creation is about love.

Taking action in this “3-D” world from that utter and palpable knowing of connection makes all the difference. Wake up to that, live from that, and then the puny “taking action” idea becomes literally a worn-out meme that ultimately drops away. Even living in this 3-D world, when you are able to start with your Being state and your essence as Divine Love, you will connect to the essence of your WHY. This changes the “doing” (action) to a completely different magnitude.

This is truly the “shift’ that Einstein talked about when he said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

We’ve gotten this whole “take action” thing completely upside down. We think it’s the materiality that is “real.” Materiality is the last of it — and the least of it. Focus first invisibly on the level of consciousness and pure intent from the heart of love. From there, realize that creation  exists because consciousness and energy are the All-that-Is. It’s Us, growing and changing at our growing edge, with our awareness of the invisible realms, the parallel, pre-existing universes, and finally, eventually it drops into the apparent solidity of 3-D.

Join me on a journey to awakening. Test out this experiment: Don’t take action. Start from Being. See how that goes for you. Report back. Share your results.