Meditation for Gratitude and Appreciation

The following meditation was created as part of my collaborations at, where I lead their program for Meditation Mondays.

As the meditation guide within this meditative oasis and peace playground, I share (just in time for the US Thanksgiving holiday) a five-minute time out for cultivating gratitude and appreciation.

The YouTube video of the Gratitude and Appreciation Meditation is here.


Here is the text if you’d like to follow along. (see the next post for a series of “Gratitude Stems” that you can use for journaling.)

Breathe in Gratitude…….Exhale all that is not gratitude

Breathe in Appreciation…..Exhale anything less than heart-felt appreciation.

Breathe in with Thanks…..Exhale and let go… let go… let go…

Breathe in……& Lean into inner alignment with — and appreciation for — your own Centered Presence.


Ahhh thank you.


From my heart and your heart — from every heart of every breathing being, we chant a chorus of appreciation.  Consciously bring into your heart’s awareness the feeling of deep appreciation — for the light –AND for what is not YET illuminated. Breathe into that appreciation — what has been freely given to you. Ahhhhh Thank you.


What If…

Imagine a wave of appreciation even bigger than you and your life — a wave of Divine Appreciation so enormous it encompasses everything. Yet it’s a gentle nurturing wave of Divine Appreciation. Imagine it washes over you, through you, picks you up in a warm and buoyant embrace. Feel yourself infused … enfolded by it. Imagine being tenderly held in this wave of Divine Appreciation for YOU — for all parts of you, inner and outer, for your life, your dreams, your contributions, your many kindnesses, even your slips of magnificence– your BEING, your very Presence on this planet at this time…

B-R-E-A-T-H-E into the nuances of gratitude and appreciation…


When you finish listening to this meditation, fill in these sentences. You will find these and more gratitude stems at my blog on

Fill a page. OR more. Do it daily. Consciously meditate on and write — filling the blank spaces….


I am grateful for:

I send appreciation to:

Even though it looks like a challenge, I say thank you for:


And now with deepest appreciation for your presence in our Circle, I say in closing: Thank you. Mahalo. Namas Te.


Author: Bobbye

Bobbye Middendorf, MA, partners with evolutionaries as mystic-catalyst, healer, and poet -- evoking experiences of hope, self-grounding, self-trust, resilience, and joy. Spoken Word Alchemy opens portals for Yin Arising via mentoring; she offers inner wisdom guidance and word altars. With WayMakers, this award-winning wordsmith regenerates their clarity and expansive expression to live life as a work of art.

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