Blown Away by for about Writing 31 of 30

Blown Away 1: Ronna
READ THIS. It’s not mine, but it is utterly amazingly delicious:
In the twitter stream ( @RonnaDetrick ) during the 30 day blogging challenge, I think I came upon Ronna and her Renegade Conversations site courtesy of Molly Gordon (@Shaboom). Ronna’s conversations and writings completely illuminate my path. They help me to shine a little brighter. Check it out and step into the conversation if it’s a match for you, or at least dip in from time to time. She is so smart, so moving, so heart-full. You will find yourself transformed and waking up in spite of yourself.

Blown Away 2: Amy
Again out of the river of tweets, I discovered (thanks to Ronna Detrick) Amy Oscar and another heart-full and deeply resonant blog and sister-writer-inspiratrix.  Congrats to Amy on one book done! Look for my own (upcoming) posts that acknowledge finishing.  Like right now: I acknowledge myself for completing the prior post — #30 in #blog30. Celebrate completion!

Blown Away 3: Danielle
Also a connection via Ronna Detrick: Danielle LaPorte of, in praise of women.

Blown Away 4: Isabel
And while it’s technically not writing, I’m deeply moved by Isabel’s mother’s day video to me. Thank you from my heart. Maybe it will give me the courage to start something over there. Isabel’s writing regularly blows me away, so she’s earned her space on this page.

Words of wisdom from soul sisters in so many many places.

Author: Bobbye

Bobbye Middendorf, MA, partners with evolutionaries as mystic-catalyst, healer, and poet -- evoking experiences of hope, self-grounding, self-trust, resilience, and joy. Spoken Word Alchemy opens portals for Yin Arising via mentoring; she offers inner wisdom guidance and word altars. With WayMakers, this award-winning wordsmith regenerates their clarity and expansive expression to live life as a work of art.

5 thoughts on “Blown Away by for about Writing 31 of 30”

  1. Hey, somehow I missed this post – and I am in it! I’m inspired by YOU! And I hope you’ll tell me how your writing journey is going. By the way, that book may be finished but the path to getting it published is still before me. What an exciting time this is for all of us! Glad I discovered this post – and thanks for the mention!

    1. Amy, Thank you so much. Your comment about journals so full of life they bleed….That resonated and so stayed with me! I’ve just been reviewing my journal from the summer where the birth of my book is within its pages. That was the point at which I read your late summer post about the challenges with agents and wrote about that (in my journal) as well. This public sharing is much more challenging! It seems you are moving that forward so beautifully. Congrats on the book, and of course the publishing process is yet another piece of the puzzle for us messengers to get our messages out. As someone who has worked in publishing, sometimes I think I know too much for my own good. I look forward to staying in touch.

  2. Ronna, Communities of women resonating together…Think of the online world as a giant bell and like tones naturally entrain. Voila! Here we are.
    Thanks for all you are Being!

  3. Holy cow! I’m blown away! Thank you for this. So kind. So affirming. So beautiful. And I’m so humbled that I’ve somehow been the link for you with Amy and Danielle. Amazing.

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