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Molly Gordon is starting her Self-Employment Telesummit this week, and there’s still time to register. The experts that she’s gathered will help even the most reluctant “Accidental Entrepreneurs” overcome the fears around being in business and take focused action. One of the big problems with these kinds of group presentations is they often end with information overload. Molly is taking care of that — by helping participants to integrate all the great information from the workshops via integration sessions that she will facilitate.

Go here for info:


Only 3 days left to sign up:

The Self Employment Telesummit
Get over the hump from just-getting-by to shining profitability
September 16-October 1, 2010


You’ve probably heard about the Self Employment Telesummit
by now. If you work for yourself and aren’t 100% happy with
how it’s going, it’s designed for you.

And it starts in just three days.

Working for yourself can be wonderful. You get to care for
your clients, your family, and yourself by doing what you
love. And, at its best, you have the flexibility and freedom
to keep growing and learning and loving.

To shine.

But self-employment can also be frustrating. If you’re just
getting by, you can feel discouraged. Your confidence and
motivation can take a nose dive. And it can be hard to tune
into your original source of inspiration.

And most business help is either too business-y or not
really practical.

The 2010 Self Employment Telesummit is different. It’s
designed to teach you practical, heart-centered techniques
and systems to improve your earnings and enjoyment. And it
has special features to minimize information overload and
maximize results.

The Self Employment Telesummit
9am to 12:30pm  Pacific time
Thursday & Friday, September 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 & October 1
All sessions recorded. To register:


My friend and coach Molly Gordon has invited 10 of the best, most
heart-centered experts to teach you:

* How to be more visible and attractive to potential clients.
* What to do to turn potential clients into paying clients.
* What you need to understand about money in order to earn more.
* Why confidence and motivation are an inside job (and what to
do about it)
* How to organize your time for maximum productivity without
stifling creativity or spontaneity.

There are only 3 days left to register. ‘Nuf said.



Bobbye Middendorf
The Write Synergies Guru

PS: Quick recap in case you’ve skipped ahead. The Self
Employment Telesummit
is designed by self-employed
people for self-employed people to end the epidemic of
under- earning among heart-centered professionals. Only
3 days left to sign up.


Author: Bobbye

Bobbye Middendorf, MA, partners with evolutionaries as mystic-catalyst, healer, and poet -- evoking experiences of hope, self-grounding, self-trust, resilience, and joy. Spoken Word Alchemy opens portals for Yin Arising via mentoring; she offers inner wisdom guidance and word altars. With WayMakers, this award-winning wordsmith regenerates their clarity and expansive expression to live life as a work of art.

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