Is This You?

[Check all that apply.]

Are you…?

__  Struggling to know who your perfect clients and customers are?

__  Wondering what you really do for people? What you can offer them?

__  Yearning to share your gifts and live your purpose, but you aren’t there yet?

__  Hungering to express your vision or creation, but you’re unsure of your direction?

__  Feeling like your words and your marketing fall flat?

__  Questioning the usual marketing approaches because they just don’t express your heart and soul and authentic voice?

__  Debating if you really are “good enough” or “worthy,” and capable of creating your vision?

Is It Time to Honor and Acknowledge Your Journey?

If you have an inner yearning and burning desire to share your gifts and greatness, but something is stuck, if you have a message of healing to share, but you can’t seem to get it out there…

Welcome to Write Synergies. I’ve dealt with all of these issues, both personally and with my clients.

See if the following story resonates with you.

If so, then it maybe we should talk.  Maybe it is your time for a Write Synergies Vision Quest.

The Guardian of the Pool of Shared and Generous Abundance:

A Tale from the Annals of The Write Synergies Guru

Just imagine…Blistering sun so bright you have to squint as sweat trickles down your spine. You are on foot and alone, traveling a long time and a great distance to a place that appears desolate.

You’re exhausted and hungry, hot and thirsty, scratched by thorns and ready to give up.  You sit down on a nearby boulder. You’re lost. You’re parched. You’ve lost faith that you’ll get to your destination.

This journey of yours — to a magic pool that offers untold healing abundance to those who draw from its depths — this journey seems at an end. Isn’t this the same boulder you passed hours ago?  You have been going in circles seemingly for days.  Your heart breaks to give up on your quest to discover the Pool of Shared and Generous Abundance.

Your community is counting on you and your discovery.  For the magic you draw from the pool opens the flow for you to share your gifts with your people, your tribe — the ones who need it most and can only get it from you.  You envisioned this journey.  You pursued the quest.  But now you have hit a wall, still far from the source.

You perch disconsolately on the boulder in the blazing sun with every kind of bug biting you and tears of disappointment, despair, and frustration flooding your eyes.

Wait!    What mirage is this?    Could it be…?    Yes!

A guide appears out of the distant trees.

“You are SO CLOSE! You are almost there,” the stranger says.  “Would you like me to accompany you along the path to the Pool of Shared and Generous Abundance?  Then you will know the way.  In return, you become the guide and mapmaker to show the Path to YOUR community.”

Will you say yes?

“Follow me,” says your guide. “I will journey with you along the path, and we will make a map.”
~ ~
If you are here sharing this story and it rings deeply true for you, then the pool is closer to you than you’d ever imagine.  You are closer than you think.  Like you, I am walking this path. For this seemingly magical flow is the pool and source of your soul awakening and expressing.  It is hidden deep within.

And I, as your Guide to the Light and Heart of Inner Knowing, listen and write souls into expression.

Did this story speak to you?  
If not, I send you on your way with abundant blessings to find your most perfect path and your perfect guide to YOUR inner greatness.

If you’re intrigued… but wondering if this is the right connection to finally help you draw out what you know is inside you, then read on.

Do you feel lost on your path?


Are your gifts languishing?

Is your self-expression stuck inside?

Too many ideas?

Are you yearning to make your creative, healing contribution, but don’t know where or how to start?

Maybe you wake in the middle of the night with a hollow empty feeling that you are missing something of supreme importance?

Or maybe, “Is that all there is?” has become your theme song?

As guardian of the Light and Heart of Inner Knowing, I am healer of stories, listener, writer, and guide for the Renaissance folk and Conscious Creators who must hear it from me — visionary writers, authors, publishers, artists, speakers, healers and caregivers.

Maybe you have too many ideas stuck in your head.
   Or no clear path into the world for your gifts and greatness.
   You have a message of healing to share, and you need a map to get it from “in here” to “out there.”

I have seen you in the distance.   And, like you, I am walking this path.

For this magical flow is the deep inner pool of your soul awakening and expressing.
   And I, as your guide to the light and heart of inner knowing,  listen and write souls into expression, healing the ache of unexpressed gifts.


…is no accident, so it is no accident that you have come upon this guide right now, someone who appeared to you when all seemed lost, when you were vulnerable and ready to give up.  The guide appeared when you needed it most–to accompany you and help you map the last piece of the trail toward the magical inner pool, spring-fed from deep in the heart.

You’ve heard the proverbial phrase, “Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle.”  If it’s “five minutes before the miracle” for you, what would you give for such a guide, someone to lead you along the path to the sweet and flowing spring-fed inner Pool of Shared and Generous Abundance?

This pool is your infinite connection
…to your own inner Source.

Your gifts, your purpose, your service, contribution and your greatness are all sparkling there, just awaiting your presence.  The waters flow on.

You are the vessel at hand to capture your portion of this liquid magic.
  You won’t literally carry the waters of the pool back to your people.
  You will, however, strengthen yourself as vessel so you are better able to 
carry your unique greatness back to them, to express your gifts clearly to your people. To serve and contribute.  To live your purpose, the reason you are here.

The pool’s magic flow helps unlock the gifts and greatness that have been dammed up inside you,
 channeled so that your expression and your message will resonate and connect with
 YOUR community, your perfect people, your circle, your tribe.


Your community and your tribe are counting on YOU to tap the wisdom and energy available to you from this pool of your inner knowing, to strengthen yourself and return as the guide and healer for your community.

Don’t let them down.

Don’t let yourself down.

Don’t allow your gifts to languish one more minute.

I invite you to start by signing up for the free report, “The Write Synergies Path to Owning Your Greatness” so you can get started on Owning YOUR Greatness.  You’ll see if this approach is a good fit for you.

How close are you to giving up?  And how close are you to your pool?
NOW is the time, and WE are the people.

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Shine on my friend!