Evolution of a Marketing Partner

Evolution of a Marketing Partner
Bobbye Middendorf:  The Write Synergies Guru
Conscious Creator and Your Marketing Partner

Chronicling the Conscious Creators

What do The Body Shop’s Anita Roddick, Pachamama Alliance’s co-founder, Lynne Twist, Michael Toms of New Dimensions Radio, master-creator of financial networks Susan Davis, sociologist Paul Ray, socially responsible investment expert Amy Domini, peace activist Kathy Kelly, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche of Shambhala, and award-winning poet John Balaban have in common? All have been my subjects in feature articles. What a gift to be able to profile these and other innovators in finance, green architecture, spirituality, alternative medicine and healing, coaching, education, the arts, activism, and broadcasting.

I have been a passionate Interdisciplinarian all my life, combining words and pictures, the verbal and the visual, business, the arts, creativity, and spirit. Vocation and avocation spiral together; work and life purpose emerge and merge. I’ve fed a peripatetic curiosity with new stories and a constant stream of fresh learnings.

Writing and Marketing

It has been a great joy to provide writing, copywriting and marketing services to a variety of publications, publishers, and entrepreneurial clients over the past few years! My articles appeared in Hope Magazine, LOHAS Journal, Conscious Choice, and ForeWord Magazine. I’ve also written marketing and PR for such publishers as Berrett-Koehler, Davies Black, ALA Editions, Entrepreneur,  Loyola Press, and Dearborn Trade. I edited and ghosted How To Become a Chief Retirement Officer (CRO) by Tom Rowley.  I drew out the stories in dialogue with Helen Curry, helping her create The Way of the Labyrinth. Every month I write and edit the internal newsletter for Banco Popular’s “DreamMakers,” the award-winning Popular People.  For three years, I’ve provided copywriting services for the direct response fundraising sweepstakes mailing to support WTTW, Channel 11, Chicago’s renowned public TV station.

The Spiral Path

Labyrinths, an ancient tool and spiritual path, symbolize the often unexpected turns that life presents. It was an unexpected turn to find myself giving the keynote speech on labyrinths (“Healing from the Heart of the Labyrinth: Earth and Body, Mind and Spirit”)  at the 2002 “Green and Growing Fair” at Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory. I’ve learned that walking the labyrinth’s spiral paths is the metaphor for my life’s journey toward its own center.

As a youngster visiting my grandparents’ farms, I connected with nature, grounding me in my adult commitment to support ecological sustainability. In addition, I’ve made it my mission to share stories and best practices from those on the pathways of personal growth, creative expression and spiritual development, even as I commit to walk these paths as authentically as possible myself.

The Common Core

I selected The University of Chicago because of my commitment to and passionate belief in “The Common Core” of intellectual knowledge. My curiosity for learning off the main path attracted me to study Sanskrit, history of religions, Hindu mythology and aesthetics. I was able to construct my own degree program in “The Committee on General Studies in the Humanities.” There, I stepped outside the Western mindset, to discern what makes a work of art from a different cultural perspective—specifically looking through the lens of classical India.

This exploration culminated in an essay addressing the difficulties of translating poetry, along with my translations of poems from Sanskrit and French. It continued with a suite of my own poems reflecting on the many things I’d studied—from Sappho to the mystics of Islam to the symbolists and decadents in visual and poetic arts around the turn to the 20th century.

Pub Biz

After graduating, I worked in marketing research and published freelance articles in Advertising Age. In late 1980, I joined a small educational publisher called Real Estate Education Company. As the company grew through the 1980s, [It was bought by Longman, a division of UK’s Pearson, in the early 1980s.] I worked on marketing international directories from the UK into the US professional market, then became one of the founding members of the Trade division that eventually became Dearborn Trade. (Most recently, it’s been known as Kaplan Trade.)

Interdisciplinary Arts (and Life)

I continued to explore paths outside the linear career trajectory. I got an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Columbia College Chicago to address my passions for visual and word images. I wrote freelance articles for Chicago Artists News, Today’s Chicago Woman, Conscious Choice, and The Illinois Arts Alliance. I got married; we bought a house with a garden and have two brilliant (of course) children. I continue to explore the spiral path of personal growth, working to BE the light and awaken the spirit in all I do.

Independent Writer

By 1999, the itch to create my own independent writing practice simply became overwhelming. Inspiration to cultivate my inner entrepreneur grew from publishing and marketing Dearborn’s small business books acquired over the years from some of my mentors, Ted Nicholas’ Enterprise Publishing, Andy Bangs’ Upstart Publishing and Linda Pinson’s Out of Your Mind & Into the Marketplace.

When I departed Dearborn in mid-1999, I expanded my horizons in right livelihood and began to excavate my personal vein of gold. I’ve connected with creators of the integral culture, leaders of global renown, writing for and/or about people who are passionately involved in their work and lives, who are living in alignment, and who are making powerful dreams reality in our world. I’ve also taught the next generation of creators at Columbia College and Flashpoint Academy.

Write Synergies Guru…and the Evolution Continues

In the authentic communications I provide clients, I strive to express their essential brilliance and create magnetic beacons that attract their perfect audiences. The path spirals too in the direction of personal writing and visual creating.

As a writer, each new assignment is a university without walls, a delicious, expansive learning opportunity as I share each story’s essence with the world. As Meg Wheatley describes in Turning To One Another, it’s about looking to  “follow the yeses.” If this tale resonates with a “yes” from you, I trust that our paths may spiral together for awhile. Let me help you create the connections that bring heart to your marketing, soul to your business, and perfect clients in your door.